What You Should Know About Working with Millennials

working with millennials

When you think of working with Millennials, does the term “narcissistic” come to mind? Are you tempted to write off this generation as being unprofessional?

Millennials act similarly to previous generations. Yet, there are a few unique traits to this up and coming group, such as:

  • Many have a high level of self-confidence not only as an individual but also in the role they may play on their team
  • They are very willing and even enjoy teamwork
  • Their mindset positions them as almost tireless workers, yet incapable of handling excessive time at work
  • They view the future in a positive light and trust their managers and the government more than previous generations

While still a young and almost innocent generation, Millennials are our future and understanding how they work is beneficial to your company.

It’s All About Balance

Millennials care about having a work-life balance. If there is a feeling of imbalance between the two, they will become dissatisfied with work.

If you manage employees of this generation, keep this in mind and find ways to encourage workplace balance with their home life. For instance, hold company events that allow your employees to bring along a guest.

If you happen to work under a Millennial, take time to ask them about their home life. Even if you don’t understand their life choices, try to be supportive.

Money is a Motivator

This generation is much like the Baby Boomer generation…money speaks volumes. They will switch positions and companies in search of higher wages.

Encourage them to seek out raises or promotions within your company.

If you have a Millennial as a manager, keep in mind their desire to make more money. It may be reflected in how they view your performance. Try not to take this personally.

Social Butterflies

This is a social generation – just observe all the social media sites your Millennial co-worker participates in. Sometimes their ramblings can appear to be flighty and unmotivated, but in reality, some individuals are very motivated and have a favorable view of their future.

Help them harness that positivity to make their world, in this case, their workplace, a better place.

Don’t Sit Still for Long

This group never sits still. They can take care of any technological task or job you give them and make plans with their friends at the same time. Multi-tasking comes naturally to them.

As a manager, remember to keep them engaged and focused on those tasks that help them get the job done. They need to feel challenged, or, out of boredom, they will move onto another company.

Need Frequent and Generous Praise

The Millennial generation does not assume praise.

If you are looking for loyalty, be sure to make an effort to acknowledge their work and their successes.

If you need to address an issue, get right to the point about the issue. Communicate quickly via instant messaging or emails.

A Millennial’s view of the future is full of optimism including the idea that no problem is unsolvable. They are great working in groups and can bring about results for your business. As a team member of a Millennial, try to embrace their energy. They are quick to share their ideas and opinions.

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Try out EPIC, by Clarity Wave free for 14 days or, if you'd like an in-depth live demo click here.

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