The Truth About Hard Work and Business Success

Is your business established but you find you are still putting in long, hard days with very little to show for it? Are you missing out on quality family time because your business demands so much of you?  Do you think this is the only way?  Do you want to know the real truth about hard work and business success?

Maybe it’s time to slow down and readjust your thinking. Watch the video below and listen to Nina’s suggestions for rethinking your business strategy and reclaim those special moments with your family and friends.


Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Nina Cooke

I help successful, but stuck business owners clear out their internal blocks so they can create business freedom they first came into business for. So how many hours do you work on your business?

Do you work long hours every day? Do you work the weekends so you can catch up and be ready for Monday in the new week starting ahead? Do you work when the children are in bed?

Do you spend less time with your partner and friends because you got to catch up on that really important task that’s going to take your business forward?

Are you exhausted from working long hours?

Does it never seem to get any easier? It's funny because when we have a new business then obviously we’ll have spent a lot of time on it just getting it up and going.

If you find you’re still working 14 or 15 hour days a few years into your business then maybe it's time to start thinking about why this is happening for you. And is it ever going to get any better? Do you resent all the hours you have to spend on your business? Does it feel joyful for you? Like it did in the beginning? Do you still feel hopeful about it like when you set out? If you don't then it's very easy to get caught into that trap, isn't it, of working long hours every day.

There are all sorts of marketing to do. There's a client to take care of – all of that stuff going on. And maybe you think this is the only way to run a business; the only way to be successful and committed, a professional, is to put in all the hours you can.

Well, what if that's not the case?

What if it's possible to run a successful business while working limited hours only?

I have a friend who is a successful business owner, and when she started her business, she only worked a maximum of 20 hours a week when her children were at nursery.

That’s all she could give to it, and when the children were at home, she wanted to be with them, and she wouldn't do any work while they were there.

She's created a really great business, and what she does is she decides which tasks are really important. And she focuses on those tasks as she gets them done so then she feels guilt-free playing with her children.

So there is evidence out there of business owners who have created great businesses by working only a limited number of hours, and they don't go over that.

So, you have a choice.

You can choose to carry on working long hours which take you away from your friends and your family and limit your quality time in your life. Or you can start looking for evidence of business owners who are running their businesses working fewer hours and still having the success that they set out for.

So take a look around, start looking at the evidence that shows there’s another way of running your business and working fewer hours and know that you always have a choice of how you run your business.

I'd love to find out how you’re running your business is like for you, how many hours you work, and what you do in order to cut down those working hours. So please post your comments below and head over to my website. and sign up for my free video training on how to smash through your income glass ceiling.

About Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke is a Business Freedom Coach.

She works with business owners who are frustrated because their business has hit a wall. She helps them to grow their business, raise their credibility, and attract higher-paying clients. She does this by showing them how to remove their internal blocks to overcome their fears and self-doubt so that they can dream bigger and create the business freedom they want.

Nina lives in England, near Cambridge with her husband, 4 children and cute labradoodle, Eddie.

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"A Limiting Belief is a concept we make up and accept as true. See it for what it really is: A Big Fat Lie." - Nina Cooke

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