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success in business

Do you wonder why others are so successful in their online business – but you’re not?

Ok…that may have seemed harsh, but in, we deal with business reality, not business fantasy.

Still when you’re struggling, and you see others succeed in business, it begs to question…what are they doing that you aren’t?

In actuality, success is easy.

You just need to know the secret.

I’m not the only one that will tell you this; other successful people will say the same.

But when you hear it, don’t be like other less successful people who roll their eyes and chuckle at the simplicity of it.

To them it is not possible because it appears too easy, not tactical enough, or too scary. For some, it requires a higher level of self-esteem and confidence they haven’t reached yet.

So, are you ready for the secret to success?

You’ve got to live your Big WHY!

Simple, right?

In reality, it is.

Wake Up Call from My Coach

A few years ago, I was struggling in my business. I worked darned hard for $27 sales. As I complained to my coach, Alex Mandossian, he looked at me and said, “Pricing is a self-esteem issue. That’s all. How much do you think your time and energy is worth? Obviously, you think it’s worth $27.”


But he was right.

I took a hard look at my business and even myself.

I needed to know what I wanted – to answer why I was doing this.

Did I want a job? A business? A life?

Alex knew before I did that my biggest reason why was my beautiful wife, Charlsa.

He taught me to involve her in ALL aspects of my business right now – not when the business was built, not in small segments of my life, and definitely not just when I could squeeze her in.

He included her in every one of our coaching calls, strategic business decisions, workshop we conducted, and any issue that affected us in a big way.

The point?

I learned that Charlsa was my Big WHY, and I needed to live by my Big WHY today. Not some future day.

Spend time now. Travel now. Involve her in my daily life now.

A New Way to Measure Success

Discovering and living my Big WHY has resulted in measuring my success differently today.

I just look at how much time I spent with Charlsa today. Was it a fun day? Were we stressed?

If it wasn’t fun, or we didn’t spend enough time together, we fix it.

If we were stressed, we figure out what the problem was and remedy it. Sometimes it is as simple as being more grateful for our life and what we have.

OK, OK, I hear you.

You think that because I have a big business with a heap of experience that it’s easy and stress-free.

Not quite.

I run a business with all the moving parts of a business: payroll, rent, customer service problems, partnerships (good and bad). I hire people. I fire people. I sometimes have cash flow issues if we’re not careful. Additionally, we train a lot. We create various products. We’re busy

But when you know your big WHY, you don’t measure success through other people’s lenses.

You no longer compare yourself to the guru with million in the bank. The hotshot with the Lamborghini has nothing on your sedan. And you don’t need 95 acres in the middle of the woods to determine your success.

It’s time to measure your success by a different set of rules. If you don’t, your desire to compare will only reinforce self-esteem problems like we discussed in the beginning.

It’s time to find your Big WHY.

How to Find Your Big WHY

We advise our clients to stop all business building efforts until they answer the question what is my Big WHY?

When you know your answer, everything else is a matter of execution.

Go ahead. Take out your training programs. Find trusted mentors and ask them if they have a program to help you.

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