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with Leisa Reid

How to Grow Your Business Through Speaking

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May 19

Want to make a bigger impact in your business? Check this out!


In this “Cafe” training, Leisa Reid shares expert secrets on how to utilize the popular business-building strategy of public speaking to broaden your reach and attract more ideal clients easily.


This 20 minutes is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to use the power of public speaking to attract their ideal clients and make an impact on the world.


In this training you’ll learn:


  • The #1 secret to a steady stream of speaking referrals
  • Getting your talk ready to rock
  • The speaker’s monetization formula

About Leisa Reid

Leisa Reid is a professional speaker/trainer and founder of and author of “Get Speaking Gigs Now”.

As a speaker who has booked and delivered over 600 talks, Leisa answered the calling to share her speaker secrets with aspiring speakers so they get booked and stay booked.

As a former college instructor and current trainer in personal development, Leisa uses her teaching and coaching skills to customize solutions for each one of her clients. She’s passionate about teaching you how to get yo98ur message heard so that you can make a massive impact on those who can benefit from your expertise.