Forget About Tech – Your Revenue Comes From Relationships

Revenue Comes From Relationships

A new trend has emerged in which many service-based professionals, coaches, authors and speakers have attained the elusive “6-Figure Mark” in their business.

It takes diligence, commitment, time and energy to achieve this financial milestone. And I applaud all who reach this level.

Yet, I’ve noticed a shift.

One based on achieving financial goals by attracting a superstar team for support and utilizing a series of “systems” on the operational side business. Instead of one based on revenue coming from building relationships.

Based on what I’m seeing, I’m very concerned.

What I’m about to share with you necessitates your FULL ATTENTION before you make the same mistake many are making now – mistakes that will cause them to lose their income just as quickly as they obtained it.

Many have leveraged technology to create and utilize systems to run their business more efficiently. From their point of view, it makes sense.

However, I believe they are failing to answer the most important question:

Does leveraging this technology cost me a valuable connection with my community or client base?

Some speakers, authors, coaches, and service-based professionals use the talents of Virtual Assistants (VAs) for busy work so they can build their business as record speeds.

I don’t have any qualms with leveraging support to grow your platform as it helps you serve more people. But for our conversation, I needed to bring this observation into the mix.

Hopefully, it will help you evaluate what’s best for you and your community.

My Expert Insight

What it boils down to is this: Revenue is in Relationships.

Repeat out loud after me, “Revenue is in Relationships!”

As I see it, when you get too many people and systems in place (surrogates or technology), you distance yourself from the very people you want to serve, even if it is very slight.

Each new system, each new layer of personnel between your community or client base and your personal interaction begins to de-humanize those relationships.

Next, you’ll discover that Your Ideal Audience™  (i.e. prospects) and your Ideal Advocates™ (i.e. partners) will notice the disconnect with each new layer of systems. Eventually, they will disconnect from you and your mission.

My point is this; I believe that you’re in the conversation business, no matter what type of service-based business you operate.

We convey our mission and our message by communication our personal experiences and we expect our audiences to interact with us in return

When the conversations come across at robotic, pre-planned, or unauthentic, the audience will detect it. They will search for a voice in touch with their needs. Often that will be your competition.

Even though few of us make an effort to relate, everyone has intimate and unique relationships. It’s part of who we are as human beings.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Connection

Technology doesn’t mean more money if it means less connection with your community!

My challenge to you: NEVER to underestimate the power of connection that first attracted your Ideal Audience™ and Ideal Advocates™ to you in the first place.  If you do, your platform will suffer.

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