Reflect on Why You’re Grateful to be a Small Business Owner

Grateful to be a Small Business Owner

As business owners, we have many things constantly pulling at us. There are many ways to run a business better, make more money and serve more people. Each day we may find ourselves putting out so many fires that we may wonder if it's even worth it.

There are many reasons we should be grateful to be small business owners. To help you get started with your list, here are my reasons:

  1. I’ve become more courageous and willing to do what is right – even if it is not the popular choice. Instead of hiding from conflict, this courage helps me speak up…not only  for myself but also for others.
  2. I have a renewed faith in humanity. Daily I speak with many inspiring people who have great ideas for solving the world’s problems.
  3. My kids are growing up with a different outlook. Unlike when I was growing up, my kids see the world and look for ways to get it to work in such a way that aligns with their dreams.
  4. I get to work with my husband to manage our business and family. We have a synergy that comes from spending time together.
  5. I can give back to others. For example, there have been many Christmases where I couldn’t provide presents for my children. Now our family can support others in need during the holidays, and throughout the year.
  6. I get to stay in jeans. This is huge for me. I love my jeans, t-shirts and no make-up.
  7. I’ve learned so much about life because of my business. Running a company makes me a better resource in ordinary life. If my children are facing a conflict with others, I’m able to use what I’ve learned in business to help them better communicate and speak up for themselves. I can help friends who are struggling in life as well with ideas and suggestions.
  8. I have a platform for change. Even though I don’t typically discuss politics, religion, or morality through my business, I have been able to share encouraging words of peace during some dark and divided times in society.
  9. I can be a mom and still chase my dreams. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. If I had to choose, I would choose my family over my career, but I don’t have to make that choice. It takes some creativity, but I find ways to meet my kids and my business’s needs.
  10. My life’s work and my job are entirely intertwined. I don’t have to spend my “spare” time on my passion.
  11. I have choices. When we decided to move, we could move anywhere in the country.
  12. I get to have fun! Running my own company allows me to make the decisions about culture, vacation policies, and the direction my company takes. I can run it in the way you want. What a tremendous blessing!

YOUR list could be much longer!

Owning a business is not easy. It’s for the brave, the courageous and those just crazy enough to step out and build something amazing. Yes, there are challenges but there are also many rewards!

About Amy Walker

Amy Walker is an executive business coach, professional speaker, author and CEO of Amy Walker Consulting. She is gifted with understanding people and how to get them to shift, increase productivity, and utilize their talents to complete company objectives. That skill set shows up in her leadership strategies, sales scripts, and marketing campaigns. Her clients rave about her ability to get to the heart of any business challenge, and then built the system to support sustainable change.

Amy has coached thousands of small- mid size business owners and specializes in helping them make the jump from a 6 figure business to a 7 figure organization. She has over 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and leadership.

Amy has been featured on Fast Company, US News and World Report, CEO World Magazine, DIY Marketers and numerous radio, print and television features. Amy has a BA in Linguistics, is a Certified Personal Mentor, and a Certified Body Language Expert. She has trained for companies like Lifetime Products, Parker Hannifin, State Farm Insurance, Utah State Bar Association, Department of Corrections, Department of Transportation, Department of Education, 3 Key Elements, doTERRA, Mary Kay, Scentsy and more.

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