Powerful Yet Simple Business Lessons Even a Child Can Master

Simple business lessons even in the middle of a snowstorm!

Last year, I wrote this article as we were expecting a massive snowstorm. A few months ago, we weren’t expecting quite as much as the previous season, but enough that my “snow angels” showed up on my doorstep ready to assist with my snow removal needs.

The salesman of the group, named Zach, reminded me that they had helped me out last year and would I like to be added to their schedule for this storm.  They even raised their rates! Love their entrepreneurial spirit.

Just imagine what you can learn from these young men to increase YOUR income. What simple business lessons can you learn from these two young entrepreneurs that YOU can use to increase your income?

Lesson #1 – They were prepared for their customers

While waiting for the impending snowmageddon to start, two young boys showed up on my doorstep with a great proposition for removing the 12-24 inches of expected snowfall. They had a great deal – clear my drive on Saturday for $20, clear it on Sunday for $25, or a bundle package of both days for $40. I chose the Saturday service. They then brought out a 3-ring binder, asked me what time I would like them to show up, and diligently added my house number to the 3:30 PM slot.

Lesson # 2 – They got ahead of the competition

When I congratulated them on asking me before anyone else had, one of the boys piped up and said, “Well, we heard some big company was calling around and we wanted to get the jump on them.”

Lesson #3 – They showed up and delivered

On Saturday at 4:00 PM, the boys rang my doorbell, dressed head-to-toe in winter gear, ready to clear my drive. They asked if I still wanted them to clean off my drive and walk. Of course, I was excited to have them do the work.

Lesson #4 – They offered an upsell

Once they were done, they asked me if I would like for them to go ahead and come back the next day – for only $10 more. I readily agreed.

Lesson #5 – They followed up with non-buyers

I figured they were kind of busy but surprised to learn they only had seven accounts for the day. Then the little one spoke up and said they were going to call all the maybes that night to see if they could drum up more business. They had even recruited a few friends to help them out.

Lesson #6 – They loved what they did

On Sunday, my favorite young businessmen and friends showed up ready to finish their job. It was evident by the huge smiles on their faces that they were enjoying the sunny, warmed up weather. These young men implemented several business lessons that we adults in the business world tend to forget in our “real” companies. Take a page from these boys – write these lessons down; post them on your wall. If an 11-year-old can do it in the middle of a snowstorm, there’s no reason you can’t do it in your everyday business.

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