PLR Infographics: 4 Ways to Use Them in Your Business

PLR Infographics

One of the most popular features in all of our full products and tools for motivation are our PLRinfographics. You’ve probably noticed that infographics are an effective way to market your services since they tend to pop out on the various social media platforms.

When you invest in a PLR infographic you are not only purchasing a licensed graphic that you can use in your business, but you are also able to edit, customize, even crop to suit your tastes.

There are several ways to utilize PLR infographics. Here are four very common ways you can use them to enhance your own marketing:

  • Publish it as marketing content by adding your company’s branding.
  • Publish small sharable images that you created just with a little grabbing and pasting.
  • Enhance your eBook with the images.
  • Enhance your slide presentations with the images.

To help you implement the four common ways PLR infographics have been used, here are a couple of videos to walk you through the process:

Video #1 – Customizing/Branding PLR Infogrpahics Using Pixlr Express

This video walks you through quickly customizing a PLR Infographic.

Video #2 – Unique Ways to Use PLR Infographics

This video discusses how to create small sharable images that can be used to enhance you eBook or slide presentation.

NOTE: You will notice I mention Photobucket in this video because the video is a few year old. Today I would replace Photobucket with Pinterest. You will see the lesson still applies.

PLR editable infographics are not only easy to utilize, but they are an excellent investment for your marketing needs.

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