Want to Use PLR As a Business Tool? You Need an Existing Business First

Often we are asked the same basic question in a variety of different ways…“What type of website (topic, theme, etc…) should I create to be able to use the PLR products I have purchased from you?”

In reality, this is not the right question you should be asking. Instead, you should be wondering,

“How do I use PLR products as a tool in my business?”

Do you see the difference?

One question assumes that you should start from scratch and build a business platform around PLR. The other assumes you have an existing business in which you utilize PLR.

If you do not see the different, please pay close attention. You might have to make some changes.

PLR is a Tool

There are a variety of products you can buy for your business:

  • Courses on Facebook advertising
  • Membership site software
  • Dedicated server for your website
  • PLR to build business content

The list goes on, but the end result is the same. Each one is just a tool to assist you in managing and growing your business. As a tool, they can only work if you have an existing business to use them in.

Home Depot: Building Supply Center or Business Coach?

This analogy might help.

Imagine going to your local Home Depot to buy a variety of tools and supplies, like skill saws, power drills, lumber, PVC pipe, and such. With your cart full, you head to the checkout and as you swipe your card in the machine, you ask the cashier how to use these tools and supplies to get a good ROI!

  • Should you become a carpenter?
  • Should you start a handyman service business?
  • Maybe you should restore old houses instead?

A little silly, isn’t it?

We both know it works the other way around. Establish your business first. After you get your first job, then you head to the store for supplies to complete the job.

This applies to any other digital tool, software, even PLR. It is a tool to be used once you have a business established.

Take a Step Back and Look at the Big Picture

Use these 6 tips to aid you in getting the big picture:

Tip 1: Make Sure You Have a Business Already

As we mentioned, before you can decide on the best tools to use to support your business, you have to have an actual business. If you are not sure that you have a business or do not know what business to start, Tip 6 will help.

The bottom line is this, why buy a tool that may not be useful in your business?

Tip 2: Recognize Your Destructive Thoughts

Do you ever have these thoughts pop up?

  • I don’t have any clue what business I want to build.
  • I’m scared of making the wrong choice.
  • What if I’ve missed the boat on the best business model for me?

Make a note of them, and then…

Tip 3: Reframe Your Destructive Thoughts

Destructive thoughts are NOT the thoughts of an entrepreneur. When you are an entrepreneur, no one can peek into a crystal ball and tell you if your business model will succeed…or fail.

These types of questions stem from a need/desire for “security” (i.e. thinking like an employee – not a business owner.)

Having thoughts like these is normal. Instead of stopping in your business-building tracks, recognize and acknowledge them for what they are.

And then make it a point to adjust your mindset and behavior to…

Tip 4: Embrace the Entrepreneurial Mindset

There are a ton of great rags to riches stories out there. Who isn’t inspired after hearing the incredible success a business owner experienced after defying all the odds?

Note a recurring theme in their stories: they try, make mistakes, fail, get up, try, make mistakes, and fail…repeatedly. In other words, they “failed their way to success.”

Now is your time to live it…

No more sitting on the fence about your business plan. GET STARTED. Take that chance and GO FOR IT.

See if you can profit from your ideas. Then learn, grow, pivot or iterate. Soon, you will be unstoppable.

Yes, it is possible you will choose the wrong business. BUT it is also possible you will choose the RIGHT one!


“It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you only have to be right once.” –Mark Cuban

In that same vein, it is helpful to remember…

Tip 5: Not Every Business Model Works for Everyone

Let’s take a quick moment and revisit Tip 2.

If you were to ask me the best business for you to build, so you could see success and turn a profit, I would obviously answer, “one like mine!”

We've been able to build a successful and sustainable business within the area of content creation or digital licensing. Does that mean you will be just as successful?


You could copy everything exactly like me – same website, theme, topics, sales pages – but STILL not attain the same results.


There are a variety of intangibles that apply to building a business. We have invested more than 5 years of FULL-TIME effort in our business – through many failures and setbacks.

Just like ANY other business owner. We did not take shortcuts.

Are you prepared to do the same?

If so, then the next tip is for you.

Tip 6: Decide What Your Business Actually Is

PLR as Tool For Business

Don’t Stop Here

While we did not cover the specifics for implementing PLR in your business, it is critical that you understand these first concepts.

We do have specific examples for utilizing PLR in our guide aptly titled:

4 Step Guide to Making Use of ANY PLR Program

And if you have further questions, reach out to us at OUR WEBSITE

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