Online Course Ideas – How to Find Yours

Online Course Ideas

You know you want to create an online course. You know the benefits of creating an online course. But what should you create?

What if your course topic has already been done? Should you just forget it then? You maybe be saying to yourself “There’s so much competition so what’s the point?”

I made a video to answer these specific questions.

I suggest perhaps you’re looking at the situation incorrectly. In the video, I talk about competition and whether it’s a good or a bad thing. You could frame your mindset around the idea of competition being a good thing.

I also take a broad view and then narrow it down.  I talk about three tactics you can learn when coming up with an idea for your course, including a different way to do research and how to use your frustrations to your advantage.

Online Course Ideas

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Where to Go From Here

Make sure you follow the action steps at the end of the video. All the ideas in the world won’t impact anyone if you don’t act on them.

In fact, answer the questions I posed in the comments below.

About Abe Crystal

Abe Crystal, Ph.D. is a co-founder of Ruzuku and a creator of many online courses, including the 30 Day Course Creation Challenge, Love Your Launch, and 5 Steps to Your Online Course.

Ruzuku’s online platform makes it ridiculously easy for you to create your own online course or coaching program. Ruzuku has hosted over 15,000 courses serving over 125,000 students around the world.

Abe specializes in learning design and user experience research, and earned his Ph.D. in human-computer interaction at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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