How to Define Your Niche for a Coaching Business

Define Your Niche for Coaching

How to Define Your Niche for a Coaching Business

I was talking with a fantastic lady a while back who had graduated from coaching school but was still struggling to find her niche.

She settled on being a coach for those people going through a transition in life – a life coach.

Sound familiar?

While many people consider life coaching and transition coaching to be niches, this just isn’t correct. The same goes for relationship coaching or business coaching. All of these are broad areas.

Define Who and What

If you want to attract clients, referrals or joint venture partners you need to narrow down your coaching niche much further.

Think of it this way…when people know WHO you work with and WHAT solution you provide, it’s easier for them to decide to work with you. They know you can help them with their unique needs.

Defining your coaching niche is a combination of WHO you serve and WHAT solutions you provide. Become very clear on these two things and your marketing will become much easier.

Be Specific

How specific should you be?

Take one of the two components of your niche and get specific. If you are broad on you WHAT, then be specific on your WHO. If you are broad on your WHO, be specific on your WHAT.

For example, if you are a health coach, carve out a sub-niche that reaches your ideal client and their needs. Drill down on solutions – say raw food, holistic health or weight loss. Or drill down on people – maybe diabetics or people with heart disease. Maybe focus on those who are yo-yo dieters, baby boomer men or athletes.

Once you’ve put these two pieces together, your marketing focus is much easier. You can develop your website to speak to your ideal clients. You will speak their language when addressing their desires and pains. When you’re clear in WHO you serve and WHAT you do, the referrals will come in.

Your focused marketing creates an excitement in your ideal clients because they can clearly see that you understand them and you can help them.

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