How Do You Measure Success?

measure success

When you finish a project for a client do you look to revenue as the only way to measure success?

Have you ever worked hard on a project for a client only to get what you felt were less than desirable results because the revenue goals weren't even close to what you had hoped?

We’ve all been there, but have you taken the time to break down exactly what the specific issue was? Chances are, it was a matter of revenue—or lack thereof.

Recently, I spoke with a client who talked about how the results he got from working on a project were not what he was looking for.  In turn, he felt like he took “a bit of a hit” to his ego.

This is no doubt an all-too-familiar feeling for a lot of us.

Is Revenue the Only Result that Matters?

Watch the video below to find out how Kevin Thompson helped his client see the results he gained were much more than he originally thought.

Have you ever had an experience like Kevin's client? Let us know in the comment box below how you handled it!

About Kevin Thompson

You really want to know a guy like Kevin because he’s a high mojo influencer and master people connector!

When you know Kevin, you’re only 1 or 2 degrees of separation from anyone you’d possibly want to meet, be connected with or do business with.

But that alone isn’t what sets him apart from other people who might be great connectors.

What makes Kevin so unique is his almost magical ability to find the hidden, unseen, unobvious and most valuable opportunities in your business... and make powerful connections that are perfectly aligned with what he finds.

Most entrepreneurs can’t see this kind of thing for themselves, and even if they do... they write it off as irrelevant.

Even entrepreneurs who see themselves as great connectors, typically only create relationships that SEEM logical as they view their business through their own eyes and experience.

As a result they continually miss out on the far bigger opportunities that come from connecting with people they currently dismiss as UNRELATED.

But... when you have a guy like Kevin in your corner, you’re able to take advantage of all these opportunities you never knew were possible.

And that’s where the exponential breakthroughs and growth ALWAYS come from.

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"When you have relationship capital... the financial capital takes care of itself." Kevin Thompson

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