As an Author, You Need to Market Your Books and Yourself!

market your books and yourself

You Must Have Readers

If you want to make money with your writing, you must have readers. Period.

Marketing is your proactive process to gain the visibility you need for both you as an author and for your books.

In other words, whether you do all the work yourself, or outsource all or parts of it, you must market your books and yourself in order to make sales.

Remember, to become visible to your potential readers, you have to take consistent steps every single day to get out in front of them. It’s not a one-time only shot. When you are consistent, you will see results – and those results last a long time.

I don’t mean checking your emails, getting stuck on Facebook, or perusing YouTube for funny cat videos, either. Yes, social media can be a significant part of your marketing, however you need to be disciplined and strategic about it.

What I mean is the deliberate scheduling of a minimum of 30-60 minutes daily for marketing. I suggest that you schedule your marketing on your calendar because if it isn’t on your calendar it probably won’t get done.

Using Blogging and Guest Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

Blogging is one way to get out in front of your market. You have a couple of options; blogging on your own site and/or guest blogging (like this article you are reading here at

By writing valuable and engaging content on your own blog, you have the opportunity to create a loyal following – or call it a loyal tribe.

When you branch out and guest blog, you have the opportunity to reach new eyes that in turn can become part of your loyal following.

I have a few favorite guest blogging options I want to share with you:

  • Utilizing a Google search
  • Utilizing blog directories
  • Utilizing the blogs you already subscribe to

Utilizing a Google Search

This is the simplest method you can use. Just type in your keyword and guest blogging wrapped in quotes in the search bar. Or use your keyword and the phrase submitting a guest blog post in the search bar.

For instance, if I wanted to guest post on marketing books, I would type in “marketing book” + “guest blogging” in the search bar.

Your results should be extensive.

One key to guest posting is to always check each site’s guest posting guidelines to make sure you fall into their parameters.

Utilizing Blog Directories

Another method is to look for guest posting opportunities on blog directories such as Blog Catalog and Blogging Fusion.

Again, using a Google search for “blog directories” should bring up a plethora of sites to keep you busy.

Utilizing the Blogs You Already Subscribe To

An easily overlooked method, but a valuable one to look into, is to look at your inbox for blogs you already follow.

You know the blogs you like to read. They have great content and the community is engaging.

Why not reach out to the blog owner and ask them about writing a guest post for their audience?

A Few Tips

As I mentioned before, blogging and guest blogging are a great marketing method. I just want to add a few tips.

First, the key to all three of these techniques is to not get trapped in research. It’s ok to dive into the research and find out where you’d like to guest blog. Just don’t contract a case of paralysis by analysis while you’re deciding where you want to guest post.

Second, this is your opportunity to shine, so write valuable, high content posts to showcase your writing. Your readers will appreciate it.

Finally, set up your author bio box that will be situated at the bottom of each post. In your bio box, describe who you are – keep it short and interesting – and what you do. Add your image and links to your website, your blog, or your Amazon page.

The Most Important Tip

Take action! Stop thinking about what you should post and where you should post it. Roll up your sleeves and dig in.

When you take action…you get book sales!

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