Love Your Business: Rekindle the Flame and Make Money Doing It

Love Your BusinessAre you ready to rekindle an old flame?

I’m not talking about a high school or college sweetheart; I’m talking about falling in love with your business!

As an entrepreneur, busy building your business, you may not have stopped to think much about your relationship with your business.

What do I mean? Think about these for a minute:

  • If your business was to speak up, would it complain that you don’t spend enough time with it?
  • Do you take it for granted?
  • Do you wake up each morning, turn over and stare at the stranger called your business?
  • Do you expect it to show up for meatloaf Monday week after week?
  • Are you wishing you could slink off and do something else instead of working on your business?

On the other hand:

  • Are you impassioned to work your business every possible chance you can?
  • Do you spring out of bed first thing in the morning with a smile knowing you get to spend the day with your business?
  • Has your business become a mistress where you sneak off any chance you can to check your email?
  • If you were to ask your business, would it affirm that you two get to spend loads of quality time together?

Are the wheels of your mind turning yet?

Here’s why I ask:

Last year, I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” which encourages us to make the most of our creative lives by balancing profound spirituality and happy pragmatism. She accomplished this by having a “wild love affair” with her writing.

Being not only a creative person, but also one who has rediscovered a passion for fiction writing, I can embrace this idea of having a love affair with your art!

But having a wild love affair with your business? How does that work?

Imagine how you would feel if:

  • Each morning you leaped from your bed because you were excited to “see” your business?
  • You snuck in private moments with your business when you’re “technically” doing something else like dishes or vacuuming?
  • Each night you had trouble falling asleep because you couldn’t wait to get back to your business?

You might feel like a kid having their first major crush.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should spend 24/7 working your business. What I am suggesting is recapturing those feelings of excitement, energy, and passion.

Moreover, when you recapture all those old feelings, it translates into more clients, more opportunities, more money, doesn’t it? (You know…money follows passion.)

As amazing as that sounds, I realize that you might not have those feelings of passion for your business right now. That’s okay!

You can build a business you love (and that loves you right back). I’ll tell you how in a moment.

Before that however, let’s take a moment to think about the bigger question at hand:

  • WHY aren’t you passionately in love with your business?

You can delve deeper into this process by taking a simple action step: have a conversation with your business.

Yes, it is going to require a little imagination, but you’re a creative entrepreneur!

So, sit down and imagine your business is a person sitting across the table from you. You can even imagine what they would look like if it gets you into character.

Start asking your business questions:

  • What happened to us?
  • What went wrong?
  • Why did it go wrong?
  • How can we resolve our differences?

Now is not the time to feel silly. You might be very surprised with what you discover.

Besides, if you’re spending a lot of your time and energy with your business, shouldn’t you feel like you’re having a wild love affair with it?

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