7 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity

employee engagement and productivity

A new concept is spreading across the workplace landscape. It is the idea that when employees have an emotional attachment to their jobs, co-workers and organizations, they will be more productive, easier to supervise, less apt to quit and more likely to take on more responsibility without being asked.

Employees want to feel valued. They want to participate in something that is bigger than themselves – something that a simple increase in salary does not necessarily encourage.

If you are ready for new tactics that are much more effective and cost less, then the next seven tips will help increase employee engagement and productivity.

1. Promote Employee Engagement by Recognizing Your Employees

While holding annual award banquets may be nice and giving out generic certificates is laudable, the nicety of the award can wear off quickly.

Consider showing your appreciation by mentioning an outstanding employee in your company newsletter or during a staff meeting. You could give out tangible gifts, like fun coffee mugs, as a reminder of their well-earned acknowledgment.

2. Increase Employee Engagement by Fostering Teamwork

Hanging bland posters and signs with familiar teamwork mantras are not going to build your team. Yes, we all know that there is no “I” in the word team.

Look for fun, engaging activities that can be done as a team. If you are introducing a new product to the market, have your staff divide into groups and have them write a review of the product. Host pitch-in luncheons where co-workers can mix and mingle. Have a company picnic. Encourage relationship building by providing opportunities for your staff to meet together in non-work related settings.

When they discover common bonds, a more genuine sense of team will emerge.

3. Provide Employees With a Safe Environment

Employees will rarely share their thoughts and suggestions if they don’t feel “safe” to do so.

When you provide a culture that creates a safe environment in which they can voice ideas or concerns, you will find your employees more likely to share quickly. Set some parameters during brainstorming sessions – like not allowing negativity when ideas are being tossed out. Consider holding discussions on any topic your staff would like to talk about. You might even host a discussion on a regular or semi-regular basis to review each employee’s job including all the fun, and not so fun, parts of their position.

4. You'll Build Employee Engagement When You Help Them Chart Their Career Path

Feelings of stagnation within their position can quickly hinder engagement from your employees.

Become more of a coach, rather than a boss, and help them find avenues to advance in the next one, five, or ten years. Help them learn to take responsibility for what can or cannot happen through the following years.

5. Bring Some Fun into the Workplace

All work and no play makes for very tired and disengaged employees.

Alleviate some tension and reduce stress with laughter. Create new holidays to enjoy. Have photo contests or talent show. Sponsor an office bowling or softball team or even a band.

6. Maintain Employee Engagement by Encouraging Wellness and Health

This is one area you will want to be cautious about. Think about subtle ways you can introduce health and wellness into your culture. Instead of having a weight loss contest, offer gym memberships as benefit perks, or even something as simple as keeping hand sanitizer handy.

7. Foster a Company Culture That Includes Philanthropy

When your company gives back to the community, it fosters a sense of belonging to something bigger than itself.

Maybe your team can adopt a section of the highway and spend a Saturday morning keeping their part clear of litter. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project or support a nearby homeless shelter with a fundraiser.

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