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Years ago, I read the biography of Napoleon Hill, a young writer commissioned by billionaire Andrew Carnegie to answer the question, Why are some people so successful while others who seemingly work just as hard never achieve a great level of success?”

The answers became the book Think and Grow Rich (you can get a free copy here) and one of the most influential books in history. Many “psychology of success” programs stem from Hill’s work.

Carnegie introduced Hill to the most successful men in the world. Over the course of 20 years, Hill met and interviewed each one and questioned them regarding their philosophy for business and life. Hill looked for common traits in these men, trying to discover what made them different from the average Joe.

While there are many ideas and concepts in the book, there is one you’ve probably heard before, “Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Which brings me to this question:

“Do you believe that you can achieve your dreams and goals or are you stymied by fear and beliefs?”

It is natural to have fear, especially fear of the unknown. But are you letting those fears stop you from moving forward?

Remember, you must believe in your heart that you can attain your goals. You can make your dreams come true. If you have any doubts, negative energy will seep in.

So, stop worrying about how long it is taking, how much money it is costing, the demands, or any other potential obstacle. It is time to focus all your love and energy on the target and nothing else.

You will come across many tests as you climb this mountain. Each step brings you closer to your goal, but there will always be a potential danger. When you experience a setback, think about how it is a brief reminder that there is more work to be done. Expect that you might fall off the mountain completely and have to start your climb all over again. When this happens, you will discover that your true belief is being tested.

When it is time to face your moment of truth, will you quit? Or will you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start climbing again? How you face this moment, determines the quality of life you lead.

Another way of thinking about it is how do you want to be remembered? Anyone can be ordinary. But being great means taking risks – dare to be great.

As you are trying to reach your goals, you must be in the state of real joy. This emotion is the one feeling connected with financial success. Your focus should not be on money or material possessions. Do the work because it makes you happy. In other words, work from the inside out. It guarantees your success.

Finally, I encourage you to show gratitude for all that you already have. When you express gratitude, you are opening the flow of positive energy through our post powerful emotion.

There is no reason to let fear override your goals and dreams. Be grateful for what you already have and enjoy the flow of positive energy you will release. And remember, each day brings you closer to your dreams.

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About Joe Nunziata

Joe Nunziata is a best-selling author, spiritual life and business coach, and professional speaker who teaches that to make permanent changes you must clear your negative energy and break destructive patterns of behavior at the core level. The transformational process that Joe developed enables people to create new energy and beliefs designed to achieve sustained, positive growth in all areas of life.

Since 1992, Joe has been delivering his life-changing message at events and seminars and his programs that blend spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of internal energy. He has appeared on many television and radio programs including Good Day New York and Street Talk on Fox TV, Cablevision News 12, Gaiam TV, Better TV, The Braveheart Network and various radio stations across the country.

Joe’s work led him to author several books, including Karma Buster, Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose and No More 9 to 5. He has created many audio, video and written programs including Change Your Energy/Change Your Life, No More Mental Barriers, Connecting to Your Spirit and The 7 Keys to Transformation.

The career that Joe has created for himself is not something most would expect from a Brooklyn-born son of a New York police detective and conservatively thinking mother. After losing his father at the age 12, Joe felt he had to become the man of the family, so he got into sales at an early age. Although he achieved some financial success, he saw that he was repeating some of the same self-sabotaging patterns. He explored many of the most popular success models and found that most of them focused primarily on thoughts and actions, but he discovered that until the underlying emotions are addressed, changes to thoughts and actions only deliver temporary changes. This led Joe to continue searching and studying, until he eventually created a process that helps people identify their underlying emotions that hold them in patterns that are negative, or not producing the results they desire. It is this process that he began sharing in 2004 and continues to refine and expand upon.

Joe now helps all types of people, from executives and entrepreneurs, to stay-at-home mothers, to artists, to “dissolve” the emotions and beliefs that stand between them and the achievement of their desires. He is continuing to spread his message throughout the world through speaking engagements, media appearances and his books and products.

In 2011, Joe and his wife of 25 years moved from New York to Southern California to be closer to their son while he attended college. The sunny weather is keeping them here, where they enjoy the beaches, outdoor activities, and a very active spiritual community.

You change your life when you are willing to uncover and face your negative feelings and beliefs

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