How to be Recognized as a Leading Expert in Your Field

be recognized as a leading expert

Becoming recognized as a leading expert in your field is essential for continued business growth – and for charging top dollar for your services and products.

But…what do you do if you are starting from scratch?

I get asked a lot about how to be recognized as a leading expert when you lack experience, don’t have a best-selling book or don’t have a popular blog or podcast.

My answer is simple – get back to the basics – the first principles of being an authority.

Getting Back to Basics

When you think of a leading expert, what do you think of?

As this applies to me, I think I need to have:

  • Valuable, useful insights
  • Interesting information clients are interested in, and
  • Information they can’t get from anyone else.

Additionally, I consider what my clients most want to know, such as:

  • What are their competitors doing
  • Who are their customers and what are they doing
  • What are some of the biggest trends in their industry

Conduct Research

Taking all of these considerations in mind, I would then conduct a research project of one of the hot topics related to what my clients are most interested in. I would check in with my network, contact potential customers and other relevant people and conduct some interviews.

When you interview these contacts, you can get into some in-depth questions and discussions about what is happening and what is important to them.

Now, not everyone will agree to an interview; however, they may be willing to make introductions with others for your research study. Don’t forget you can utilize LinkedIn groups or industry associations. The point is to go where these people hang out and seek out interviews.

Analyzing the Results

After you conduct your interviews, you should have a better idea of what your customer’s challenges are. What they care about. What the trends are.

Take this information – that no one else will have – and share it with your potential audience.

When you share what no one else has shared, you become an authority in your subject matter.

It’s Not Easy – But It’s Worth It

Doing the research if not necessarily easy – asking for interviews, setting up schedules, asking questions, and analysing results – but it is worth all the golden nuggets you can gain.

It will set you apart – it will make you an authority.

Repeat this process again and again.  In no time you’ll be recognized as a leading expert in your field.

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