Guerrilla Marketing in the New Millennium (Advantages and Challenges)

Guerrilla Marketing Advantages

Guerrilla Marketing in the new millennium offers both new challenges and new advantages for businesses.

As our dynamic society moves ever closer to online dependence, business owners have to deal with the following challenges:

Challenges for New Millennium Guerrilla Marketing

1. Isolation

Instead of social gatherings and in-person visits, the majority of people today rely on email, text and other technology based methods.

Traditionally a large part of human communication involves body language. Technology has had a big effect on the “warmth” factor when it comes to communicating with others.

Verbal (and written) accuracy is more important than ever and the joy of personal interaction is much more muted. It’s easy for online users to feel isolated.

2. Limited Time

Most people feel there aren’t enough hours in the day, and with our jam-packed schedules and increasing work hours, free time is a luxury few have regular access to.

It seems there’s a belief that if you’re not jam packing your minutes with productivity every hour, you might be falling short.

3. Technological Advances

Technology can be wonderful and can make our lives much easier.  However for some people, it’s becoming an ever-increasing nightmare. Advances in technology make it difficult for them to keep up and figure things out. And technophobe's businesses suffer the most.

4. Adjustments

As we progress technologically, things we know soon become outdated. And there’s a constant need to learn new things.

Keeping up with the latest products or platforms is important to keep a competitive edge. So continual learning is a must.

5. Skill

Lots of people acknowledge the benefits of trading in a corporate tie for slippers and a home office.

But if you decide to go it solo, you’ll need to gather bright minds around you and seek out people to mastermind with.

Advantages for the Guerrilla Marketer in the New Millennium

Now, let’s look at how changing times have improved things for us:

1. Standards

In keeping with our guerrilla approach, standards have been changing to favor work satisfaction, freedom, family and self-awareness.

Though the desire to improve revenue and profits will never go away, it’s been repositioned and has taken a backseat to higher-value, happiness-based standards.

2. Free Time

Though there are many things vying for our time, technology has taken over some of our tasks giving us more time to do what we’d like.

From outsourcing work to using time-saving apps, you’re better able to improve profits and enjoy yourself a bit more.

3. Work Dynamics

Our work is more exciting and enjoyable than ever before and with all the digital options to connect us with others, many of us are able to work from home.

The remote worker is becoming more and more popular for business owners, employees and contractors.

4. Sharp Colleagues

Technology has allowed us to connect to virtually anyone in the world. It’s not unusual that we find our own “tribe” of intelligent colleagues to pair up with, or a mentor who will take us under his/her wing.

Instead of cubicles full of paper shufflers, you’re in remote contact with talent and skill from all over the world, people who actively support and help you on your business journey.

5. Routines

Nearly everything has been pared down to enable you to work with more efficiency, organization and speed than ever before.

Guerrilla entrepreneurs understand that a streamlined process equals effectiveness and productivity—two huge factors in upping revenue.

So while technology’s dynamic growth occasionally throws us a curve ball and present some difficulties, it can also have a positive impact on our business-building efforts.

It’s how the Guerrilla Entrepreneur faces the challenges and capitalizes on the advantages, that will determine his success.

About Jeannie Levinson

Jeannie Levinson, is the Co-Founder and CEO of “Guerrilla Marketing International, “The Guerrilla Marketing Association” & “The Guerrilla Marketing Business University.”

She is the Co-Author with her late husband, Jay Conrad Levinson, of the updated classic book "Guerrilla Marketing" which is required reading in many MBA programs worldwide with over 24 million copies sold in 67 languages.

"Guerrilla Marketing" was recently named by "Inc Magazine" as one of the top 10 most influential business books of all time.

She has also authored other bestselling books including:"Guerrilla Success"; "Guerrilla Marketing for Free"; "Guerrilla Creativity / Marketing with Memes"; “The Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing;” "The Guerrilla Marketing Field Guide"; "Guerrilla Marketing Remix / The Best of Guerrilla Marketing" and "Guerrilla Success"

She is a Licensed GM Master Trainer, Certified GM Coach, Public Speaker, Workshop Leader and a successful Entrepreneur for over 40 years.

She and her husband, Jay, have traveled to almost 70 different countries teaching the low cost/ no cost, unconventional principles of guerrilla marketing around the world.

Jeannie now hosts The Annual Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit to honor the legacy of her late husband, Jay Conrad Levinson: The Father of Guerrilla Marketing. For more information about Guerrilla Marketing visit my website.

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