Not All Goal Setting Strategies are Created Equal

Goal Setting Strategies

Do you have a dream for your business? Yes? Great! You need a goal setting strategy.

At least that is what the experts say. Maybe you’ve already heard – the top 1% of the most successful people not only write down their goals, they actually review them regularly.

In reality, many of us spend more time on “urgent” things like deciding what is for dinner or what show to binge watch rather than spending time using goal setting strategies to determine our life’s pursuit.

The question to ask is “Why is this the case?”

Traditional Goal Setting

Technically, goal setting is pretty simple.

You sit down, think about what you’d like to achieve, write it down and start working on your goals. It is not a particularly difficult thing to do. So, why isn't everyone doing it?

Personally, I believe it is because goal setting strategies are not one-size-fits-all. Just like each one of us are different, setting goals looks and works differently for each person.

For example, I used to follow a very traditional process when establishing my goals. I’d start with a brainstorm session to determine what I’d like to accomplish, then I’d write them all down. Simple and to the point.

For many, this strategy works very well. If it does for you, great!

It worked for me. Well sort of.

It was definitely a mental exercise, and I saw some success that stemmed from making an effort to write down my goals. Yet, there was still something missing, so I kept looking.

Goal Setting According to Dilbert

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, argues in his book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” that it is not about setting goals, but about establishing systems.

According to Adams, ‘setting goals is for losers’ because when you set goals you also create a feeling of failure when you don’t attain those goals. As you struggle and feel bad for failing to meet your goal, you stop trying.

However, when you create a system, you feel good because all you have to do is follow the system. It doesn’t matter the results.

For instance, if you want to lose 20 pounds, establish a system of exercise and eating right that you can follow. Instead of feeling like a failure, you feel like a winner as you see results from working your system. Eventually you will lose those pesky pounds.

His argument is intriguing – especially when I think of it in terms of how I used to set goals. I would get very impatient as I tried to attain my list of goals.

Yet, there still seems to be something missing – like an initial goal. One that helps you gauge if and/or when you’re system is working or not working.

The thing is, if your system is set up for more exercise and better eating habits, you will inevitably end up healthier, but you may not actually lose any weight. If you don’t lose weight, you won’t reach your goal. Isn’t it possible your system then leaves you feeling like a failure anyway?

A New Goal Setting Strategy

I’ve implemented another way to set goals that isn’t just a brain dump or a series of systems. I utilize a mixture of these techniques:

  • First, I still brainstorm all the goals I would like to accomplish for the year, but I don’t let it be just a brain dump. After unloading all my ideas, I sit on them and give myself space to feel what goals are the best for me. This includes making sure my inner wisdom, intuition and God (or Spirit or Source) has a chance to weigh in.
  • Second, after I know what goals I’m reaching for, I put in place those structures to my daily habits that will help propel me to successfully reaching my goals. (Adams may call this my system.)

The end result is that I know where I want to end up, not based on a mental exercise, but by what resonates with my being – and then I create the support system through my daily habits to accomplish it all.

What about you?

Are you ready to start reaching your goals?

Decide what goals resonate with you; create a system to get you there; and reach your ultimate goals!

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