Are You Giving Away Your Services for Too Little Return?

Giving Away Your Services

Are you giving away your services when you should be making money? Entrepreneurs and business people have a variety of ways that they give away their gifts and talents.

Here are some I've discovered. Do any of them sound familiar?

Over-delivering for Clients

I’m not saying you shouldn’t give your clients what they paid for. What often happens, especially for coaches and consultants, is an over-sharing of information to the point the customer is overwhelmed, maybe even exhausted. Sure you want always to provide value, but not at the cost of your business or your client’s well-being.

Charging too Little for Your Services

We’re all guilty of this at some point in our entrepreneurial journey. Often when we aren’t charging enough, it is a reflection of our self-worth.

Leaving Your Prices to Stagnate for too Long

Another common occurrence for entrepreneurs is letting our guilt or fear keep us from increasing the rates for our services regularly.

Giving Back too Much Time to Your Community

Now before you click away, hear me out. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give back to your community or a cause you believe in. What I am saying is that if you dedicate too much time to volunteering, you may be exhausted, feel resentful, or taken advantage of. If so, you may want to scale back and take control of your time once again.

Did you identify with any of the above scenarios?

You don’t have to keep giving away your time for little to no return.

Make a Choice Today to:

Decide if You’re Running a Business or if You Just Have a Hobby.

Yes, many people struggle with asking for the sale or charging the rates they are worth. But businesses make money; hobbies take money. Which situation are you in?

Throw Off the Feelings of Guilt When you Ask for a Sale.

Many women struggle with negative belief systems that suggest they’re not good enough or their product or service isn’t worth the price. Listen, if you are 100% sure that your product or service offers a solution to your client’s pain points, then it is worth the price.

They have a problem; you have an answer. When they pay you for your solution, it is a win-win situation.

Shift Your Mindset from Feeling Guilty for Making Money to Accepting That Making Money is A-OK.

It is as simple as a mindset shift. Making money is not a “bad thing” in spite of what you may have heard before. You may even think of it this way – the money you make is a representation of the number of people you’ve helped. You’re serving their needs, not selling them a new program.

Remember that your time and service IS valuable – extremely valuable.

It’s time you get paid what you’re worth.  So GO FOR IT!

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