Overcome the Excuses and Get Your Book Written

Get Your Book Written

Why Most Experts Never Write a Book

I speak with various experts and entrepreneurs throughout the day and inevitably this subject will come up. Most contemplate the idea for years, but never get around to actually doing it. As  entrepreneurs, they are probably aware of the many advantages of getting their book written and published including:

  • Credibility
  • Market reach
  • Great lead magnet for adding to your email list
  • Passive revenue opportunities
  • Speaking and training opportunities
  • Podcast and radio show opportunities

Yet, I’m always amazed at how many reasons people give for not writing their book or not finishing a book they’ve started.  Sometimes they’ve started several books…and not finished any of them!

What’s stopping them from finishing their book?

Let’s break down the most common excuses given and what can be done to overcome them.

Making Excuses

No Time

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this one, I’d be a billionaire. Seriously, the only way to overcome this excuse is to make the time to write. It can be 20 minutes a day or 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter really.

Start with a small block of time (even 20 minutes), schedule it as an appointment and when it’s time – write.

It Takes Too Long to Write a Book

Yes, it will take a while to write a book. Will it take “too long”? That depends.

How much time do you currently spend watching television or getting sucked into the social media vortex of watching videos of pigs taking cats for walks? (Yup, there are such videos.)

Take an inventory of where your current free time is spent. The answer(s) might surprise you. Then make it a point to prioritize the time to get that book written.

I’ve No Clue Where to Start

That’s OK. Just START NOW with the commitment to write every day. Soon momentum will build and the writing will get done.

To help keep motivated, consider the array of opportunities that can open up just from writing a book: speaking opportunities, consulting gigs or even interviews on podcasts and radio.

It’s Just Too Overwhelming to Write My Book

Marathon RunnerMoving a mountain can be overwhelming when attempted all at once – but done one shovelful of dirt at a time, the task is easier and will be completed in time.

Consider training for a marathon. Participants don’t just sign up on race day and start running. At least I don’t. Instead, there is months of preparation beforehand to build up the stamina to last the entire race.

Apply this to writing a book. Break it into chunks. Pace yourself. Change up the lengths of time spent writing. Consider hiring a coach if it helps.

I Don’t Want to be Judged

Yup! This will probably happen. Whenever you speak out about a perspective via writing, it’s reasonable to assume people will judge. That’s just part of the process.

However, take a moment to consider the consequences of letting others’ opinions stop you. You’ll never reach your full potential.

I’m Afraid No One Will Read My Book

Unfortunately, this happens a lot. A lot of experts say that most books sell for under $100 profit during the entire life of the book.

As awful as that sounds, it doesn’t have to be that way. The reason those books sell poorly is simple – the author didn’t market their book.

Promotional campaigns should be planned including media releases, interviews and social media posts. When a systematized, strategic book launch is created, the results are amazing.

Don’t forget that a book is a key to opening loads of additional opportunities.

Get Writing!

Someday never comes. It will never reveal the incredible experience of writing a book. It will never let you feel the emotions from receiving emails, cards or social media postings from those you’ve impacted with your words.

Your words can change someone’s life!

But if you don’t make your writing a priority, “Someday I’ll Write that Book” will keep the door closed to many opportunities.

Start writing today. Start realizing your dream.

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