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Marketing Your Book

Whether it’s your first, second or seventh book, marketing your book is the key to getting it noticed. I run into new authors frequently who don’t understand or realize the importance of this concept.

For example, a while back I had dinner with a therapist who happened to love writing. He had written his first book on behaviors that don’t serve us and proudly displayed a copy to me.

The book looked great! And I was relieved to be able to honestly tell him that.

Naturally, my next question focused on the sales and marketing of the book. He was embarrassed to tell me he had only sold a few copies. His reason: he just never learned how to market his book.

He’s not alone. Most authors will make less than $100 in book sales in a year.

He, like many others, made a huge investment in getting his book published and then assumed the publisher would handle all the marketing. His particular publishing package did offer some marketing: a press release and one email to a particular group on their subscriber list.

This is not uncommon. Many mid-tier publishers will gladly take your money to do all the publishing and let you handled the rest. Often they aren’t concerned with quality. (There are reputable ones out there. I’m not referring to them.)

Most authors are just ecstatic about being “picked” that they make many assumptions, including how their book will get marketed.

The Hard Truth about Marketing Your Book

The truth is if, you want to sell books, you – the author – must take the full responsibility of marketing.

You have a few options:

  • Do all the marketing yourself. A word of caution, there is a learning curve, so if you have more time than money this could be a great choice – for the rest of us, not so much.
  • Hire a book marketing company. This type of agency does everything from A to Z for you. This option is great if you have more money than time – but most of us don’t have unlimited funds.
  • Do a combination of both. This option consists of you doing some of the work and then hiring a company to help you with the rest.

Of the three options, the third is my favorite because the author gets to learn about marketing and not have to fend for themselves.

I love working with new authors to map out what they need to do, teach them how they can do it, help them create a support team and keep the lines of communication clear throughout the entire process.

The Secret to Marketing Your Book is…There is NO Secret!

Too many authors believe that marketing is some mysterious stranger, or they have to be invited to a “secret club” of marketers.

It’s quite the opposite. Even with my diverse marketing background, I was still able to learn much about marketing books through marketing m book The Law of Achievement. It showed me that you have to go beyond just the writing and publishing book. It also showed me that many authors have loads to learn about marketing.

The good news is…you CAN learn book marketing.

The main point to remember is that marketing your books starts before you publish your book. Lay the foundation as soon as possible with building a readership through a list of potential buyers.

Here are four things you can do now to begin building your audience and gaining visibility:

  1. Go where your readers hang out. Find out what forums your ideal readers congregate and join in. Engage with the group. Network. Build trust. But be there to provide value. If you’re only there to sell books, people will see that and you can lose your chance to building readership.
  2. Blog regularly. Create a publishing schedule and stick to it. Provide high quality content. Be authentic. You’ll gain readers.
  3. Hold free teleseminars on topics in your book genre. Offer complimentary teleseminars that readers sign-up for. This is builds your list via the opt-in form.
  4. Host paid teleseminars. The price to attend is the purchase of a book. The will require a landing page for buyers to submit their receipt to you as proof of purchase.

Getting to #1 Can Happen with Work

kathleen-gage-hit-1-on-amazonMany authors dream of seeing their book hit #1 on Amazon. But reality indicates few will actually succeed unless they learn how to properly market their books. When you take on the responsibility of marketing and start building your readership, you’re way ahead of the rest of the pack.

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