Get More Coaching Clients Now with This Simple Strategy

Even though I’ve spent the last 9 years helping coaches get clients, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I unearthed the key to a compelling coaching offer that secured more than 50 one-on-one clients.

How did I get so many clients to sign up and pay for more than one year of coaching in advance with just a few emails and no strategy session?

I built the Unlimited Laser Coaching system. It is irresistible to clients and very lucrative for you and amazingly, you don’t have to have an established list or audience. You can start with those contacts located in your Sent Items folder in your email.

An Overview

Basically, for one modest price, your coaching clients have unlimited telephone access to 15-minute calls with you.

Now, before you throw up your hands in frustration at the thought of clients taking advantage of your schedule, hear me out.

I figured the same thing would happen—but something different happened. After the initial wave of clients in the first month, the frequency of coaching sessions died down.

Think of when people buy a gym membership in January in anticipation of getting ready for swimsuit weather. The gym is packed for about a month or two but slowly the crowds lessen and the crickets start singing.

If you notice, a gym does not chase you down asking you why you haven’t shown up to work out. The same idea applies to this coaching system. When your clients show up, you show up and give them your best. When they don’t show up, you don’t have to chase them down.

This is how I easily handle over 50 one-on-one clients, working 4 hours a day, and take Fridays off.

Start Small and Be Strategic

How can you use this system and not get overwhelmed with a filled calendar?

First, I suggest you start with 8 or 10 clients for the first month, and add new ones each month.

Remember, your clients can have as many calls as they want, but then you stem the tide of signing up ahead of time by having homework assignments during each coaching session. The client is required to complete the homework prior to signing up for another appointment.

This helps both you and your client. Your calendar doesn’t fill up unnecessarily. They are held accountable and progressing.

And that’s the key to my coaching program.

You might be asking what makes this so attractive for potential clients. It boils down to price. The price for an entire year of coaching with you is lower divided over 12 months than any other coaching they may have experienced.

Let me break down the steps in more detail:

1. Who Will You Serve (and How)?

This system will work with all niches, but you’ve got to narrow down who you’re helping and what solution you can provide.

I can easily deliver my business coaching because my clients are trying to set up a sales funnel or needing business advice, and I’m an expert in both.

If you’re in another area of expertise like weight loss, then you need to develop a strategy for your clients to lose weight.

If you’re not sure this will work for your subject, keep reading. You might just be surprised.

2. Name Your Coaching Business

Mine is called “Get It Done” Business Coaching. It’s not a snazzy title, but I like it because it has the client’s result in the title.

People like to buy solutions, so when you create your coaching program’s name, you want to have the result in the title to emphasize the solution they will get.

3. Determine Who Your Prospects Are

Decide who you want to make your coaching offer to. This step is much easier when you already have a list.

If you don’t have a list, take a peek in your Sent Items folder in your email. Scroll through the past 2 years and look for those who you talked with who might be a good fit for your offer.

I encourage you to look at your Sent Items folder over your Inbox for a few reasons:

  • You avoid having to trudge through spam.
  • You can center on those you’ve actually conversed with.
  • You can discover groups of people to speak to.

4. Set-up Your Platform

For my coaching calls, I utilize Evernote and Instant Teleseminar. I’m able to record the call and take notes. After their session, I can forward a copy to the client, which includes the homework we agreed upon.

Consider this recording an asset for your client—it adds value.

As a side note: Now is a good time to assemble a library of resources for your clients. It can be recordings of an exercise walk-through, listings of websites and additional reading material, and any other resource that helps your client.

Your library becomes a source of homework assignments, as well.

5. Invite Potential Clients to Hire You

There are a variety of ways to reach out. My personal favorite is a series of three emails. Other ways you can send out your invite include speaking to groups, talking one-on-one, or making a video sales letter or webinar.

Keep in mind that the people you reach out to, must trust you both as a person and as an expert. When they trust you, they won’t be able to resist your coaching program.

For example, I’ve not needed to send people to a sales page or webinar when I target people who already trust me. I just send them to my shopping cart. This saves me time since there are no strategy sessions. Think of the time you’ll save.

6. Deliver Your Coaching

Now is the time to have your coaching calls and assign homework. If you’re like me, you probably find that you enjoy the coaching process much more and you'll get off the phone more energized than when you got on.

Longer coaching sessions are quite draining, but these 15-minute calls are like a shot of espresso in your day.

Once you’re done with each call, remember to forward your client the recording of your call, a reminder of the assigned homework, and a link to your calendar for scheduling the next session (of course after they’ve completed the homework).

Your Coaching Success is Close

That covers it!

If you follow these six steps, it is possible to package and sell your coaching program and see money in your account in as little as four days. I’ve found great success with this model and have coached several of my own clients who have also found a lot of success with it as well.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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