Are You an Expert But Feel Like You Are Faking It in Business?

feel like you're faking it in business

Do you find yourself feeling like you're faking it in business?  Do you find yourself being limited by all the voices in your head? Some of the voices may be just pesky and most of the time you can quiet them quickly. Other times one or more of those voices sticks around, pointing out your failures, making you feel like a fraud – like you are not the expert your clients and customers think you are.

These voices can cause you a lot of pain and keep you from reaching your fullest potential.

I had a client who feared being visible. She preferred staying behind her computer monitor. It was safe there. The problem was that it stifled her spirit and was damaging her chances of breaking through to the next level of success.

This wasn’t the only problem she had to deal with.

Imposter Syndrome

My client also suffered from “Imposter Syndrome”, felt like a fraud and was terrified that people might think she wasn’t any good. She feared judgment, criticism and losing client respect.

To compensate and keep the risk low, she played it safe and kept small.

She continually beat herself up for being a failure – especially when she saw others succeeding.

The problem was only compounded because she was too afraid to change, to step out and be seen. The voice in her head continued to tell her:

“You’re not good enough.”

“You’re a fraud.”

Her pain was excruciating.

Change the Voices

Working together in our one-on-one sessions, she was able to come around the corner and the voices in her head started saying things like:

“You are good enough.”

“It’s OK to be seen.”

And you know what?

It made a huge difference in her business and her income.

The same can happen for you.

When you listen to those voices that continue to reinforce the fear of not being good enough, you are stopped in your tracks.

But when you stop listening to those negative voices, the real magic starts! You can experience a breakthrough in your business and your income.

What negative voices are you listening to? How do you quiet them?  I’d love to know, please comment below.

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About Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke is a Business Freedom Coach.

She works with business owners who are frustrated because their business has hit a wall. She helps them to grow their business, raise their credibility, and attract higher-paying clients. She does this by showing them how to remove their internal blocks to overcome their fears and self-doubt so that they can dream bigger and create the business freedom they want.

Nina lives in England, near Cambridge with her husband, 4 children and cute labradoodle, Eddie.

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"A Limiting Belief is a concept we make up and accept as true. See it for what it really is: A Big Fat Lie." - Nina Cooke

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