Is the Fear of Selling Killing Your Business?

fear of selling

When you're in business, revenue depends on generating sales. No income and your business quickly heads downhill.

The business model doesn’t matter – product, service, selling once or ongoing.

What matters is the level of your sales skills. Moreover, if your confidence is low in this area, your customers are going to know.

Consider it from a different angle. When we are achieving new goals, don’t we want to have someone come alongside us and sell us those products or services that are in our best interest?

For instance, say I take my dog to the vet’s office for a checkup. While I’m there, I welcome suggestions and recommendations that will enable my pet to live a longer, healthier life. Many of the procedures may be routine but I may not be aware that they are necessary.

How does this apply to your business? Ask yourself these questions:

  • When it comes to my products or services, which ones solve a problem potential prospects may have?
  • If I don’t offer the solution provided by my product or service, who will?
  • How can I update or change my offer to make it the best and preferred solution available?
  • What are the different ways that I ask for sales every day?

You can sit in your office alone and try to answer these questions thoroughly. Another option is to form or join an innovation or mastermind group. Among all the topics you can explore, fear of selling can be valuable for everyone in the group.

Many valuable opportunities are available to give fear of selling a shove out of your life.

One option is to check in with yourself as you are getting ready to close a sale. How are you feeling? What can you learn from this to give a better idea of how you can improve your sales record? When your goal is to obliterate the fear of selling, it will dissipate fast.

Another tactic is to practice role-playing.

Years ago, I sold cars. The dealership would bring in sales professionals to walk us through the most common scenarios we might run across. They taught us how to overcome objections, how to ask open and closed-ended questions, and how to speak with authority about the products we sold. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t fix a carburetor. I could confidently show it to the customer and explain its superior features.

Think back over the course of your career. What jobs have you been in that taught you sales techniques?

I remember waitressing at the IHOP in high school. My products were my vivacious personality, my ability to work quickly and efficiently, and the knowledge of the food we served. By leveraging my “products,” I was able to earn more than my co-workers.

Or take my time selling Toyotas. I learned to use my willingness to follow up on leads and knowledge of the product. Soon I was the top salesperson. Finally, as an elementary school teacher, I sold my empathy for others, my excitement for learning, the value of an education to help students and teachers to be their best.

What was the common denominator in each instance?

It didn’t matter if it was pancakes, cars, or education, I was confident in what I sold. I carried this over to my online business as well. Now, I sell success through my ability to teach people different concepts and systems that help them achieve their business goals in whichever model they choose.

Instead of holding on to the fear of selling, choose to view sales as your opportunity to help others from your area of expertise. When fear does creep up, imagine what would happen if they didn’t buy from you. What would they be missing out on? How will their lives be enriched by purchasing from you?

Move past the fear of selling and serve those people that can benefit from what you have to share with them.

Connie Ragen Green is a bestselling author, online marketing strategist, and international speaker working with newer online entrepreneurs on six continents to help them build lucrative businesses on the internet. Find out more and download a Special Report on Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and get started right away.

About Connie Green

Connie Ragen Green – Bestselling Author – Online Marketing Strategist – Entrepreneur

Connie has been online since the end of 2005. A former classroom teacher and real estate broker/residential appraiser, she left it all behind in search of a way to make a living from her home computer doing something she loved. Now she is able to work from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection, as she does regularly from one of her homes near the beach in Santa Barbara, California.

After a disappointing first year, where she made almost no money and found the technology to be more than she had bargained for, Connie finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and began to earn money through affiliate marketing. She was determined to help others get started online more easily, and began teaching new online entrepreneurs during 2007. She continues to teach regularly, offering both webinar and teleseminar trainings regularly.

Online Entrepreneur

In addition to these trainings, Connie has more than thirty products of her own. She believes that having both your own products and courses to promote, as well as affiliate products, makes for the best possible online business.

Connie was awarded the coveted ‘Better Your Best’ grand prize by Armand Morin at the Big Seminar in November of 2009. This prize included $25,000 in cash, as well as the opportunity to serve as the Ambassador for the prestigious AM2 program for online marketers. Since winning this prize, several of her students have participated in the competition and three have come in either first or second place.

Connie Ragen Green – Bestselling Author

In July of 2010 she published her first book, Huge Profits With A Tiny List: 50 Ways to use Relationship Marketing to Increase Your Bottom Line. This book is available on Amazon, as well as all major retail book outlets. It has received critical acclaim, being nominated for a Reader’s Choice award for small business marketing books in December of 2010. She now has twelve books to her name, as well as contributing to many others.

Connie is also an international speaker and presenter at conferences and workshops, speaking on topics of entrepreneurship that include earning huge profits from a small list, affiliate marketing, content creation, creating information products, local business marketing, and starting an online business.

Also an active member of the international service organization Rotary, she is currently very involved in the Interact Club (Rotary’s high school service group) at Santa Barbara High School. This has brought a new dimension to Connie’s life as she sees the world through the eyes of our youth.

Online Marketing Strategist

If you feel that working with Connie would have an impact on your life and your business, opt in to her information and newsletter list on the main page and connect with her via email or on one of her Ask Connie Anything live calls, offered bi-monthly. You may also be interested in her mentoring through her Online Marketing Incubator program.

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