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Are you making the same mistake most entrepreneurs make online?

Maybe you’re focusing on blogging, social media or creating a sleek website? You know…  the projects that don’t bring in immediate income. Yes, they have the potential to work if you’ve got hours upon hours to spend on them and months or years to wait for income.

In the end, you’re a frustrated business owner not making money or a difference in anyone’s life. You’re spinning your wheels trying to do it all.

There is Another Way!

It is possible to build a sustainable business fast by turning $1 of paid advertising into $2 or more of profit. This is the way to build lasting growth, and while the channels for the paid advertising may change over the long haul, the basics stay the same.

It easy and powerful and you don’t need to earn a black belt in marketing to do it.

Why wouldn’t I suggest you utilize other long-term marketing strategies that are great too? Because the rules of the game continually change and you’ll have to continually rely on the good graces of others.

Consider when Google sent free traffic to your blog posts one day and then they changed the rules the next. Your thousands of visitors dried up to a paltry dribble. (Can you tell I've got the T-shirt to prove it?)

What about partner promotions? If someone else promotes you to their prospect list, you can expect a one-time boost to your business, but what happens when the promotion is over?

So what then?

It’s possible to consistently bring in the sought after dream clients.

It’s possible to consistently bring in good money that turns your resource sucking hobby into a real business.

It’s possible to consistently pay your bills and stop living hand-to-mouth with one-time jobs or an unfulfilling business.

All it takes is learning to spend $1 on advertising to make $2 in profit.

I discovered how to do it when I turned $1 into $139.

Here’s what I did, the lessons learned and my opinions:

The Big Decision: I quit my job and started my business in that order. (Not sure if it was a good decision.)

The Plan: I would get hundreds of clients by utilizing free marketing and become rich, happy and the boss of my own destiny. (Yippee!)

The Reality: I spent thousands of hours “doing it right” writing blog articles and posting social media posts. I was finally “marketing online” but had spent all of my savings and was wondering if I had what it took to make it.  (This was a bad time.)

The Next Move: I invested tons of money in Facebook ads, using money I didn’t have, while maxing out my credit cards. I did lose all that money, but I also had $387 of revenue to show for it. (This was water priming the pump, honest! Keep reading.)

Lesson Learned: While I became exceptionally good with Facebook ads, I discovered something was still missing, some mysterious key to converting my thousands of leads into paying clients. (The pump was gurgling but water wasn’t gushing… yet.)

The Next Action: I needed to uncover the missing pieces and spent thousands of additional dollars on more ads. (Another bad time and I was broke and very concerned I’d be homeless.)

One More Time: I kept testing my Online Sales Faucet until I ultimately solved the mystery. (The pump burst forth and the angels sang!)

The Result: I learned what it took to finally turn every $1 spent on ads into $139 of revenue and grow a multi-million dollar business in a few months. (I’m still pinching myself!)

The Moral to the Story: There is more to successfully using Facebook ads than “getting it right.” It important to learn how to convert those clicks into clients.

Want to learn if YOU’VE got what it takes to turn $1 into $2, or $10, or $139 with Facebook ads?  Take the “Windfall or Waste?” Take the QUIZ HERE

It only takes 30 seconds and you’ll find out if Facebook ads will make you or break you and your business.

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Business Growth Accelerator Tammy Lane, who grew her very first business from almost nothing to 7-figures in less than six months is fiercely committed to guiding service-based entrepreneurs to finding their “Profit Sweetspots” and building automatic systems for consistently and automatically welcoming new clients and filling their programs.

Her client generating Facebook ad systems have been featured in Forbes Magazine, on NBC, CBC, Fox and many other media outlets and are coveted by online leaders including Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier, Christian Mickelsen, and many other big names in the online industry, along with aspiring luminaries eager to unleash a faucet of never-ending, high quality leads, clients, and sales for their growing businesses.

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