Stop Making These 3 Newbie Facebook Advertising Mistakes

facebook advertising mistakesI bet you’ve heard loads of stories about people’s successes and failures using Facebook ads.

Some have been wildly successful. Others, and you might be in this camp, find success has eluded them.

Those who haven’t found the magic pill are probably making the following three mistakes.

Mistake #1: Throwing Up an Ad without Researching First

Eighty percent of the people I talk to are guilty of this mistake. They grab the first stock image that makes sense for their product or service and throw it up on Facebook without spending any time researching their market.

Fifty percent of your success using Facebook ads is tied to the research you do beforehand.

So, take the time to target the right market for your business. These are the people that will be EXTREMELY interested in your offer. Get this wrong and you’ve just wasted a lot of time, and money, with nothing to show for it!

Mistake #2: Paying the “Beginner Tax”

The beginner tax is one of the first mistakes everyone makes: Boosting posts.

This mistake will cause you to lose money on Facebook ads as it allows you less flexibility than other ads.

Boosting posts doesn’t let you specifically target ads in your market; and you'll pay higher ad costs without the desired results.

You can easily overcome this mistake: Don’t boost your posts!

Mistake #3: Playing Facebook like the Lottery

When you put up one ad, in hopes of hitting it big, you’ve committed this mistake. You may have to play to win, but in reality there is a system to Facebook Ads. When you focus on the system, your chances of winning increase greatly.

Treating Facebook ads like the lottery – one and done – and then wait for the big bucks to roll in – you’ll end up disappointed. The odds of that happening are about as unlikely as the odds of winning the lottery.

Instead, put up a series of 8 to 12 ads in a particular sequence for testing and use them to determine the one that IS your winning ticket. Then use that one ad to achieve your income goals.

Business Success is Around the Corner

While it’s simple to throw up a Facebook Ad and call it done, it’s not likely you'll make a good return that way. Avoiding the three big mistakes; failing to research properly, paying the beginner tax and playing the Facebook Ad lottery will go a long way to achieving success in your business.

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