Email Mistakes You Should Avoid – They Can Cost You Business!

Email Mistakes You Should Avoid

Email is a fantastic tool that allows companies to communicate seamlessly. Like any tool, however, users should be cautious about how they utilize email or they run the risk of committing business suicide. When you learn and understand the email mistakes you should avoid, you’ll be able to make the most of this powerful tool.

Mistake #1 – Hitting the Send Button Too Soon

Nothing is more embarrassing than leaving out pertinent information or having spelling and grammatical errors in your emails.

The next time you type an email, take a moment to review it for spelling and grammar mistakes. Look it over carefully to make sure you’ve included all information that is needed. Check who you are sending the email to and make sure you have copied everyone that should receive it.

Mistake #2 – Ignoring the Tone of Your Email

One downfall with email is the loss of tone & context, including facial expressions.  Your typed words must accurately convey your tone so that it is understood by your reader. The quickest way to cause friction is to fail to watch your email tone. Another big email no-no is using all caps and/or too many exclamation points. Either one indicates that you are yelling at your recipient.

When writing your emails, look closely at the words you use and adjust to ensure appropriate tone as needed. Avoid using all caps and exclamation points in your writing.

Mistake #3 – Using “Reply All”

There are times when you will receive an email that is addressed to you and several other team members. While it may be easy to hit the “reply all” button, you can quickly start a cascading effect that results in a bottleneck of emails.

Avoid using “reply all” unless absolutely necessary.

Mistake #4 – Forgetting to Pay Attention to the Email Chain

If you have been conversing back and forth with a recipient, it is easy to forget all of the conversation.  If you have talked bad about a client in an email thread, for instance and then accidentally forward the email to him or her, you run the risk of lost business and significant embarrassment if they read too far into the chain.

Always read and be aware of what you are sending if you forward an existing email string to another party.

Mistake #5 – Failing to Keep Your Professional Email Professional

If you are working on a team, at any time, your email maybe viewed by other team members. Don’t make or share off-color jokes. Don’t flirt and set up after work rendezvous with your business-related, laptop, or smartphone.

Keeping your work emails professional can prevent a lot of embarrassment and even keep you out of hot water.

Mistake #6 – Using “cc” and “bcc” Recklessly

Using the “cc” is a way to add ancillary readers to your email. They are not the original recipient but are being kept in the loop of your conversation. When you use the “bcc” or blind carbon copy, the original receivers are not aware that there are secret readers to the email chain. This can cause problems when the bcc person tries to chime in possibly creating conflicts.

Use the bcc sparingly.

Mistake #7 – Using Bad Subject Lines

Many people prioritize their email by subject line. If you mark all of your email subject lines as HOT or URGENT and they are not truly important, you run the risk of your emails not being read. If a matter is actually an emergency, pick up the phone and make a call.

Make sure your subject lines clearly convey the intent of your message so your recipient can quickly and easily prioritize their emails.

Mistake #8 – Forgetting to Add the Attachment

This is probably one of the easiest and most common faux pas. Having to send a second email with the attachment is very unprofessional.

Consider adding your recipient’s email address as the last step before hitting the send button.

Business communication is essential to fostering a great business environment. Encouraging proper email etiquette with all your team members is critical.

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