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Because even inexpensive apps, like this one, require an investment of time to learn to use, this full Designrr review will help you determine if it's a good fit for you.

Read it through and if it seems like a fit...try it out for yourself. is a multi-purpose tool that makes it easy for non-designer types (that's most small business owners) to create ebooks, reports, podcast show notes, even reports and ebooks from your own

You can even use it to create collections of curated webpages and Facebook posts, and with the right version of Desigrr, you can have your podcasts or videos transcribed for a whole lot more.

This app is full of pre-designed elements and options made for those with limited knowledge of (or interest in) graphic design, but still want to make their content visually appealing.

A creator can choose from an appealing selection of pre-designed templates and free images from the image library to use for creating ebooks, ebook covers, and reports of all kinds.

Regular Price $27/month
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Time-Limited Lifetime Offer  ($27 one-time payment)
is Available at Time of Publishing This Review

Designrr Product Review Summary


It's a high-performing app that does exactly what it says it will - and does it well.

Ease of Use

User-friendly and un-intimidating.

Made especially for those with little to no prior design skills.


At time of writing there is special LIFETIME pricing here 

Pro level offers additional features such as automated transcriptions but allotments are limited.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Is Designrr a Good Fit for YOU?

Who It's For

  • Content marketers
  • Course Creators
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Video Creators
  • Coaches
  • Brand Marketing Services
  • Webinar Marketers
  • Small Businesses

Who It's
 Not For

Graphic Designers

You could say that Designrr is to a graphic designer what instant soup is to a chef.

Graphic designers will want to create their own unique designs, from scratch. This is not what the project is for and will place many limitations on these designers as it does not offer the means to do this.

Web Designers

Professional web designers may also feel constricted by the technical and design limitations.

Although web designers may use this tool in conjunction with other web design software to re-purpose web content, the program cannot be used to create or design websites.

Authors Looking To Publish Hard Copies Of Books

Although one could write original content in Designrr, it is made especially re-branding existing content, digitally.

It may be unnecessary or even frustrating for someone writing a full manuscript.


Extremely easy to use. You can have an eBook within minutes of logging in, with no design skills necessary.

It is versatile and works with any blogging platform and media format (provided you get the right plan for you).

It is a high-performing app. You are able to import large amounts of data and they will be processed within seconds, without any hassle.

Fair pricing plans and value for your money.

Plenty of guidance. There is an effective support team and many in-depth tutorials that cover every feature of your book's creation.

It offers numerous, beautiful, and free images to choose from.

Although much of your design can be automated, you are also free to choose your own designs and save these changes to produce uniformity throughout your projects.

This is great when establishing a brand for your products.


It can be prone to crashing when trying to do too much at once. Although it is a relatively fast-acting app, you may have to proceed more cautiously at times.

Some features are a bit more advanced than others and may need more training and practice.

A few of the help files need updating. Luckily the support team is always on hand when the help files fail to deliver.

The import is not 100% perfect. There may be some inconsistency with font sizing, emoji and picture sizing, alignment, etc. You will still have to scan through to correct these.

The app's little glitches, while easily fixed with the right knowledge, can be frustrating for beginners who are unfamiliar with the tips and tricks needed to cope with them.

Therefore, it's best not to skip the orientation training and tutorials.

What Is Designrr?

Designrr is a content re-purposing tool that can create various forms of media products from numerous media file sources and formats.

It was launched in 2016, originated by Paul Bannister, CEO of PageOneTraffic. This company specializes in creating tools to optimize productivity for small business owners, content creators and marketers.

Designrr is for anyone looking to fully optimize and monetize their existing and new online content.

It is ideal for those who lack the skills, time, and budget to generate various types of material in the traditional, manual way. The app can shave off hundreds to thousands of dollars and countless hours that would otherwise be spent on hiring designers, editors, transcribers and other content creators.

It works for anyone trying to market and establish their brand as a thought leader in their industry, by creating quality and engaging content for the purpose of continual sharing.

The BIG Benefit

Where this product really shines is allowing you to quickly convert existing content into multiple formats for countless re-purposing opportunities.

Let's take a look at some examples.

Create a Great Lead Magnet with Just a Few Clicks

One of the main aims of the app is to help create content for use as a lead magnet.

What Exactly is a Lead Magnet, and Why is it so Important when Using Designrr?

High-Quality leads are crucial in marketing and sales. Online, these often take the form of the email addresses of potential clients. However,  most people are reluctant to provide their email addresses without discernment.

Enter, the lead magnet: a product or service a business offers a website visitor in return for their email address. Examples include: a newsletter subscription, videos, a free course, coupons, eBooks and other free products.

Visitors who provide their email address in return for these become leads who have shown interest in your business and your products or services.

Some of the most popular and effective lead magnets are eBooks and PDF guides that your visitors are able to download.

This has multiple other benefits for nurturing leads, such as:

  • Further marketing material
  • Your content can showcases your expertise in your field
  • The affiliate links active in your PDF could lead to multiple website visits and sales, especially if the PDF is shared with others after download.
  • You have also started to establish trust with your leads. They are now more likely to respond more favorably to your follow-up marketing efforts since you have already provided them some value.

Lead Magnets can take many forms, including:

  • eBooks
  • PDF guides
  • Blog posts
  • Dynamic flipbooks
  • Show notes
  • Audiovisual material like videos and podcasts
  • Transcripts of podcasts and videos

Basic Use for an eBook

At the most basic, beginner level, an eBook can be created in just a few simple steps

Here is the basic rundown of how to create your first eBook on Designrr:

1. Log in. Immediately you will see the ‘Create a new project’ on the dashboard.

2. Name your project

 3. Choose the import source. This can be: a URL from a blog or source from your computer like a word or PDF file. Click Import and wait only seconds for the import to be complete.

4.Choose a Design template and review many options for a cover for your eBook

5. Click on Next and the software will create the eBook for you 

You can review the entire eBook before publishing it. If you are satisfied with it, go ahead and click ‘Publish.’ You will be given a list of options as to the format (PDF, mobile for Kindle, Epub or HTML) in which you would like to publish your book.

6. After you have chosen your format, click on ‘Export’ and the finished project will be downloaded on to your computer.

And voila, you have an eBook, within minutes!

That is, of course, the simplest way of doing things. 

Even though most of the app's importing is accurate, you may need to correct some formatting issues. You may also want to alter the design to suit your needs. 

Nevertheless, this will take you to the editing panel where you will make your desired changes to your eBook.

Layout and Dashboard

The dashboard is relatively simple with a handy control panel along the left-hand side. Here, you adjust every element from the font, the background, the page alignment, etc, while you can review your changes on the right-hand side.

The technology allows for in-line editing, which means you only have to hover your cursor over the element you wish to edit and will be prompted with a mini-task bar with editing options for that particular element. 

This makes the editing fast,  intuitive, and extremely beginner-friendly.

 The downside here is that there is a slight glitch in the system where the cursor can keep moving as you are editing an element.

Ease of making changes

Although Designrr can automate a lot of the formatting for you, you are able to make changes at will.

The ‘Free Element Dragging’ can be enabled in the settings, which means you can move elements to the area of the page that you wish to have them.

You do have to be careful here though. Selected editing is one of the more frustrating aspects of the app. You have to be sure to select only the section you wish to edit by clicking the ‘selected element’ option to change only what you wish.

Otherwise, these changes could apply throughout the eBook. This can become a nightmare to correct later as you would have to undo the edits made and start again.

Adding blank spaces can break the design of many of the templates. It can easily be fixed by adding margins and padding. 

Editing Graphics

Various design templates will make subtle but consistent changes to the background, fonts, etc.

The graphics on the design are as easy to edit as the text. All you do is click on the background and the appropriate toolbar will appear for you to make changes at will. 

Organizing and Saving

The technology is cloud-based so changes are automatically made as you go along and you don’t have to worry about backing up your work. The downside is that you cannot use the app offline.

All images imported are automatically saved within your image library within the program. You can also save your selected design and any font changes to apply to all future projects.

This helps tremendously for branding purposes. Not only will your style remain uniform across all projects, but you will also save loads of time with future projects.


Transcriptions are just as easy to import and in much the same way as you would a text file. You are given a monthly limit on transcription minutes to be deducted off your monthly allowance.

The transcription service performs reasonably well, considering there are no humans involved in the process.

It does transcribe word-for-word, including filler words. There may be slight inaccuracies, especially if a speaker does not speak clearly, speaks with an accent or multiple speakers speak at once.

Although this service does save a significant amount of time, there may still be a need for some human-editing afterward to clean up grammatical errors and transcription inaccuracy.

Improve Your SEO

You can improve your search engine rankings using multiple formats. Having your content available throughout the web in various formats will not only extend your audience reach, but it can improve your search engine rankings. Multiple content uploads mean multiple organic links back to your website.

Create Printed Materials

Designrr can be used for creating printed material from blog posts or webpages for use as:

  • Printed handouts at live events, such as a book, pamphlet, flyer, questionnaire etc.            
  • Accompanying material for online courses, such as workbooks and study material
  • Bonus features for affiliate offers to encourage sales of other products online

Fast and Easy Slide Shows

PDF’s are one of the highest ranking, versatile and most popular content formats on the web.

They can easily be converted into online slide shows with an existing online template, such as Slide-share.

Media Archiving (Even for Content That's Not Your Own)

The content created is not only for others to view, but can be used for your own filing and referencing uses as well. You can also use the app to :

  • Create a downloadable PDF from someone else’s blog posts to keep, share, and print out
  • Create backups of your older blog content, especially when re-organizing/re-designing your website or blog
  • Keep archives of your Facebook page, posts or Facebook group activity for various marketing and referencing purposes.

And no, I'm not suggesting that you use it for distributing content created by others without getting their permission 🙂

Ever wanted to create a curated collection of web pages about a topic? Or, gather all posts in a FB group into one report? can do that!

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​Automatic Transcriptions (One of Our Favorite Uses for Designrr)

The Premium version offers a transcription service, which can allow you to archive and re-purpose video and audio content into a written transcript.

This transcript is presented in the form of a template, that can be converted into blog posts, written tutorials, and for referencing purposes.

TIP: Because the program comes with a bonus "Agency License" all of the uses described above could even become services that you could provide to other businesses who may not have the app.

Pricing Plans

The features and uses of Designrr depend very much on the pricing plan you choose.

Here are the Designrr pricing plans:

The Standard Plan

This is the most basic, skeleton plan to get you going. It provides you with the basics to create an eBook or PDF document.

For $29, monthly, it includes:

  • 1 User
  • 100 Project Templates
  • 922 Google fonts
  • Create Unlimited eBooks
  • Unlimited Use Of Copyright Free Images
  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator
  • Import From the Web, MS Word & Google Docs
  • Import from your own Facebook page

The Standard plan is great for those who have one specific aim in mind, namely to create eBooks from their own content, such as their existing blog or any word or PDF file.

It is also ideal for one-time users, those with little content who don't need to spend any more on additional, unnecessary features.

Plans can always be upgraded at any time to the Pro, Premium or Business plans.

Designrr Pro

The Pro version is the next option and offers the same features as the Standard. For an extra $10 monthly, they throw in: 

  • Another 100 project templates
  • The ability to export to different formats e.g. Kindle, ePub, PDF
  • Flipbook generator
  • Wider access to the Facebook community by enabling users to import from other user's Facebook pages and posts

Designrr Premium

The Premium version will also add to the existing features of the Pro plan. For an extra $10 monthly, you’ll now get:

  • Four hours of transcription service
  • Over 200 additional project templates
  • HTML export feature that will allow you to embed your content on websites. 
  • Multi-Draft Import feature which allows you to import content from various drafts and formats, simultaneously into one project 

The premium is more targeted at the multimedia content creator, who is looking to save countless hours transcribing content from the audio and video to written format. 

Since this version allows for multi-draft import, it could be ideal for those looking to streamline a wide variety and volume of content quickly.

Some of the ways this version could be used are:

Converting YouTube videos into blog posts which include various screenshots from the video.  This makes it ideal for converting video tutorials into written tutorials and for writing reviews to existing video content. 

This makes the app an excellent value for money since you get content creation, design, editing, marketing, and search engine optimization all in one product.

Designrr Business Plan

For $99 monthly, this plan includes all the features of the Premium plan, with an additional 4 hours of transcription services. 

For the content creator with bulk transcription needs, this may be a partial saving to their overall transcription costs. However, for everyone else, this added feature is not entirely worth it.

Best Option

The Standard plan may be too basic and limiting for those with long-term content marketing goals . Meanwhile, the Business plan's extra monthly cost for the transcription service may be a waste if you are not specifically going to use it to significantly save.

The best value for money would be the Designrr Pro for most businesses and internet marketers, and Designrr Premium for content creators dealing with audio-visual content.

All versions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All plans can also be upgraded and canceled at any time. 

Lifetime Offer ($27)

When you click this link you may be offered the Designrr io lifetime price of $27 for the Standard Plan. Lifetime means no monthly or annual fees.

(Note: The life-time plan is a time limited offer based on when you visit their site. It may no longer be available to you.)


Designrr comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

The program is provided by Paul Clifford, CEO and Founder of PageOneTraffic.

I searched carefully and could not find any complaints regarding the company not honoring it's stated guarantee.

Support Provided

The site offers a plethora of technical help. Upon logging in, you are greeted with a virtual tour of the dashboard, and multiple prompts explaining what every tool on the dashboard is for.

The help section includes numerous video tutorials and over 65 written tutorials.

Designrr has one of the most efficient support systems compared to other design apps.

Not only are there plenty of in-depth tutorials that cover almost every aspect of your project, but they also have a live support team as well.

Support can be reached through live chat from the site.

They answer promptly and do their best to answer every question thoroughly. They also go the extra mile and provide advice to improve your entire project.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some common questions regarding Designrr.

Q. Do I need to have WordPress to use this program?

No. Designrr works on all websites and formats. All you need is the URL of the web page you would like to import.

Q. Can eBooks only be published in PDF version?

No, eBooks can be published in Kindle, ePub, Mobi and HTML versions as well. Designrr is a great eBook maker for this reason.

Q. Can I include content from any website into my Designrr eBooks?

While this is technically possible, you would legally have to acquire the rights to the intellectual property of other content creators. Designrr does not provide this service.

The images for use in the design library, however, are copyright free.

Designrr Vs Others

The market is full of great and not-so-great content design apps. It is all about finding the one that is right for you.

Here is a quick breakdown of how Designrr compares to some popular alternatives

Adobe Illustrator/In-Design 

This may be one of the most well-known and popular design apps available. It may even offer more features and design flexibility, which makes it ideal for more skilled or full-time designers. 

However, for the average small business owner just looking for an all-around marketing tool, it may actually be too much. For them, most of the features will be underutilized or misunderstood. They are far better off with the simpler and more cost-effective Designrr.


Canva is another cult classic tool among content creators.

It is not very user-friendly and does not offer the same design flexibility as Designrr.

For eBook creation, Designrr is far superior in this regard. 


Beacon is on par with Designrr in terms of user-friendliness and performance. 

However, it is pricier with users needing to fork out at least $49 to create simple PDF’s without the Beacon logo. 

Ultimate eBook Creator

This app does have one significant advantage as it publishes books in over eighty languages. It works in pretty much the same way but lacks several formatting and design options. 

This app is aimed more at writers and those looking to sell their work directly, in foreign markets, rather than for marketers trying to generate lead magnets.

What Customers Say

Here are some reviews other clients have to say about the app.

These People Said Good Things about Designerr

I found a lot of comments from folks who said they are happy customers. These comments are not from the company's website:

Designerr has saved us so much time in our business. We like to create blog posts and then re-purpose them as PDFs on several other websites.

It has been great for SEO. Using Designrr, we've managed to spread our content everywhere and it takes about 10% of the time than it used to. It's an integral part of our business now.

- Matt Wolfe - Hustle & Flow Podcast -

“I was very pleased with the software, had to fiddle with the layout a bit but the end product is a very professional looking eBook. Good value for money in my opinion and have been happy to recommend to friends."

- Julie Mower -

“I purchased the basic version and found it did exactly what it said it did.

I've used it and loved the outcome...

 My thought is, try it out and if YOU don't like, ask for a refund."

- Dina Blas -

“I have the product.


- Linda Erlam -

We were able to 3x our revenue by adding transcriptions as an option for our content services. The perceived value for the client is huge and we could charge more. We are able to save so much time, the extra work is almost nothing."

- Josh Clifford - LVRG -

“I have had no problems with either the software or the staff. I used it to publish a book both an ebook and a paperback book to Amazon."

- Michael Chambers -

“Frankly, I purchased the Agency license and am extremely pleased with it. There may be a few bugs but they will be cleared up.

 This is outstanding software...

Buy it, and try it. You more than likely will love it.

- Photo Expressions Place LLC -

“I purchased the PRO version and had a bit of trouble understanding how to use it. Their customer care was great and I was up and working on my book in no time.

I published the first book within a few days of purchasing the software and it looks really nice. I have it published on Amazon and it sells well. I also have it as part of a companion online course. I will be doing a lot more books using the software. Thank you Designerr."

- Teresa Greenway -

Some 'Not-so-good' Comments

I searched thoroughly and while I didn't find a huge number of complaints, most of the ones I did find them were quite old and referred to earlier versions of the program, and have been resolved by their support.

But, nothing is perfect.

Here are some of the issues I found out about:

  • Some users reported that when importing from blog post the images sometimes were blurry.
  • During file uploads to the application users can't see the progress until the upload is completed
  • Sometimes the app hangs
  • Layout parameters can be a bit inflexible and can require some fiddling if you wish to go beyond the standard formatting options
  • The product is for non-designer types who want to create documents that look good fast. Those that wish to go beyond the templates (there are many nice ones) find this product too limiting and it doesn't allow them to create their own highly unique designs.

Final Thoughts: Is Designrr worth it?

Yes, even for infrequent content creators using the app at its most basic capacity.

The occasional glitches are not deal-breakers and they are made up by offering plentiful resources and great support.

When used to its full capacity Designrr can offer a tremendous return on investment.

But, it all comes down to you and your business needs.

Take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a spin and see if it's for you.

Why not try Designrr out for yourself?

Regular Price $27/month

Time-Limited Lifetime Offer ($27 one-time payment)
is Available at Time of Publishing This Review

Additional Resources to Help You Repurpose Your Content

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Criteria Used to Review This Product:

I have based this information on my personal use the program (I purchased the "Pro" version) and researching what other customers had to say - both good and bad.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Whether you purchase this product or not, I hope this review is helpful to you. Should you purchase the product using one of the links provided, may be compensated with a referral commission. Any money we make keeps this site running so we can continue to support YOUR business success - and we are grateful.

As always, when purchasing anything online be sure to do your research and use your own judgement.

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