Create an Authentic Brand Message

Authentic Brand Message

As I was preparing a new program about creating a brand message that lets you stand out from the crowd, I hired a graphic artist to develop a new logo. I shared everything I could think of to help her – colors, fonts, design, etc.

When I got the first draft, she had used all the elements I had sent her. One of the images she chose to incorporate in the logo was a megaphone.

Now, I’m not a proponent of “shouting” your message. Instead, I believe it’s better to “share” your authentic message.

Needless to say, the logo wasn’t going to work for me.

At that point, I realized I had forgotten to give her the most important thing she needed to create a great logo for me: my brand message.

It’s critical to understand that all the design elements – visual, written, spoken and implied – are needed, but they have to work together cohesively. Everything you say, write and do make up your brand.

So I shared my authentic brand message with the graphic artist. I let her know that my brand is all about “Marketing from Within”. It’s about leveraging your passions and strengths in your business, so you can build a profitable business you love. And, above all,  it’s about showing up in your business in a meaningful and authentic way.

Once she understand that, the next draft of the logo was perfect. It clearly expressed what I’m all about.

Ready for a quick brand challenge?

Take some time to study all the elements that support your brand like your logo, tag line, social media profiles, website, bio, etc. and then ask:

Do they work together cohesively?

Do they reinforce your authentic brand message?

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Since 2010, she’s helped her clients transform their brilliance into authentic messaging and multiple streams of income — by marketing with heart vs. hype.

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"If you want your message to connect with the hearts and minds of your ideal clients, you have to put YOUR heart and mind into your message." - Cindy Schulson

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