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If you want to be successful with your Facebook Ads, then you need to get serious and learn how to choose Facebook ad images because the images you pick will determine whether your ads get clicked – or not.

Yes, images are critical to helping your ads convert prospects into customers – but so many business owners get stuck on the idea that a Facebook Ad has more purposes that it does. They then get stuck on branding their pictures, honing in on each detail of their ideal customer profile, or picking out the right shade of magenta.

Stop for a moment and consider exactly where these images are going. That’s right – on people’s news-feed. So your pictures are going to be scrolled through right along with Uncle Ben’s sick poodle or your friend’s most recent date.

What frame of mind do you think they’re in? Probably a relaxed one.

Think about this – they may have some free time, or they want a distraction, so they check out their news-feed. While scrolling down through all the pictures and comments from family and friends, they’re probably smiling and in a good mood.

This is where you want to be…in the middle of that warm, fuzzy feeling of your prospects Facebook feed. They will be much warmer and receptive to your ad.

Here’s What You Need to do:

You need to entice them to stop scrolling when they get to your ad. You need to catch their eye long enough to read your sales copy. That’s the goal behind 90% of your Facebook Ad images. You want your ad to be a speed bump in their Facebook timeline.

Here are a couple of ways you can get people to stop scrolling and start reading your sales copy:

Use an image that if very similar and to what they may see in their existing feed. A lot of people will stop to read what is going on with a friend or family when they see a picture of that person. If you use an image that they are familiar with, chances are they will stop and read, because they are already trained to do that.

You can use stock images or your own headshot. I really suggest using your own photo first. They tend to convert better that stock images.

Use a graphical image that is the opposite of what they might see in their feed. Their curiosity will get the better of them, and they’ll stop to look.

Remember, the goal is to get prospective customers and clients to stop scrolling and start reading. Stop fidgeting over branding or picking out the right color. Use pictures that are warm and inviting (or a little shocking) to get the results you’re looking for.

Once they stop to read, you’ll need some great sales copy to tell prospects about your product or service. For more tips how to choose Facebook ad images, and what else you need to get your ideal clients to click on your ads, download my FREE Perfect Facebook Template.

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