5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Brand Name 

Know When it’s Time to Rebrand

Are you starting to feel like your brand name doesn't reflect who you are or what your business is all about? Are you wondering if this is a good time to change your brand name?

Not long ago, I felt this way and underwent a rebranding of my business and website…and I am sure glad I did it.

However, this did not happen overnight. First, I had to realize the reasons for why I felt I needed to rebrand.

If you're contemplating changing your brand, check out these 5 signs to help you know if the time is right.

Sign #1 - Your Message Has Evolved

Face it – your branding is based on the reputation you’ve built around your message. As your business grows, your message changes. And if it isn’t changing, there's a chance you just aren't growing. 

As I moved forward in my business, I learned just how passionate I was to help people use everything they have to offer – passions, skills, and experiences – and build a business.

I love inspiring people to trust themselves and show up in their marketing in an authentic way – to take action, even if it's imperfect action.

My new brand name, Marketing From Within, with its tag line, "your message in action," better reflects my most updated message to my audience.

Sign #2 – Your Focus Has Shifted

We all want to be recognized as an expert in our area of knowledge and expertise. For me, it was the identification and development of a niche.

For four years, I focused on helping people develop their niche. As I grew and as my business grew, I realized my hook was not serving me for various reasons.

For instance, many are confused about the word niche. I view a niche as being more than just a segment of marketing. Instead, I use the term holistically to include who you help, what you help them do and why they should work with you.

My original business name, "Attract Your Niche," didn’t communicate clearly what I had to offer my clients.

I’ve been in strategic communications for my entire career. Messaging is my biggest strength, and I wanted that to be the focus of my business.

Sign #3 – You Suffer from Website Shame

Want a quick way to know your site needs a facelift? Pay attention to those emails in your inbox promoting website design. Yeah, I’ve received those.

It’s not a matter of spending a ton of money on your website to be successful. When I started out, I had a free report and a landing page. That’s it. I helped my clients build the same thing.

Having said that – your image is important and your website should look professional.

Sign #4 – Your Website Doesn’t Reflect Who You Are and What You Do

As your message evolves and your website no longer clearly indicates what you do - you lose the connection with who you are.

Your website is a perfect place to reflect your personality. All the colors, the look, the feel and the words on your site should represent who you are.

After I had launched my new website, I received a lot of emails telling me that it was “so me.”

Take a moment to review your site. Is your personality shining through? Or does it feel like someone else's site?

People need to know not just what you do, but who you really are. Embrace your personality – let it shine through on your site and in all your marketing.

Sign #5 – Your Current Brand Limits Your Growth

Yes, you want your niche to be narrow and deep. At the same time, you want to make sure your brand allows room for growth.

That’s one thing I learned – I am so much more than “niche.” I have such a passion for inspiring others to trust their voice and wisdom and get their message out.

When I operated under Attract Your Niche, I was restrained. I wasn’t growing or evolving. Marketing From Within gives me breathing room. I can grow as I communicate my core message.

What This All Means

As you read these 5 signs, keep in mind that it boils down to this…know why you are rebranding before you do it.

It needs to be for good reasons. It’s not about throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s about being clear, focused, and intentional.

So...it is time to change your brand name? Want help refining your message as you rebrand? Click here to receive your FREE Brand Message Template.

Additional Resources That Can Help If You Are Going To Rebrand Your Business

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