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Online and In-Person Networking: You Need to do Both to be Successful

Online and In-Person Networking

Like many online entrepreneurs and small business owners, I spend a lot of time “networking” via my LinkedIn network, friending new people on Facebook and following people on Twitter. During this time, I’m engaging in conversations, making introductions and producing content. There are many advantages to spending a lot of time building relationships through online […]

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Best Questions to Ask Your Consulting Clients

ask clients the right questions

(This article was originally published on Consulting Success) One of the most important skills a consultant can possess is the ability to ask clients the right questions at the right time. I know that sounds simple, but don’t fault me for it. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful and profound. This ability […]

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7 Easy Ways to Boost Sales Fast

Boost Sales Fast

One Thursday afternoon, my four partners and I were looking over the books for our small technology firm and had no idea how we were going to cover the next day’s payroll. We had no cash, no investors and no bank to run to. Even considering the painful decision to lay off staff wouldn’t work. […]

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