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Identify What Is Holding Your Business Back

What Is Holding Your Business Back

 Do you know what is holding your business back? Do you find your day-to-day activities are less efficient than you’d like them to be? Has business growth slowed to a crawl or stopped? Does your team seem to struggle to work together efficiently? Many small businesses can barely get the day-to-day operations done, let alone focus on initiatives to […]

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Why Am I Failing in Business?

why am I failing in business

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why am I failing in business?” Many of us have. We may even spend years trying different ideas and strategies to build and grow a business only to fail to get our businesses off the ground. Then we hear of those stories of people who have succeeded in such a […]

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4 Tips for Dealing With a Disgruntled Employee

Dealing with Disgruntled Employee

A disgruntled employee can be a minor annoyance (someone you wish would just quit)…or much much worse. There are a variety of personalities in the workplace – from the happy and hardworking team members to those upset, annoying, late and unproductive saboteurs. For the sake of your business (and your sanity) it’s important that you learn how […]

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