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Are You Battling Your Inner Child?

Battling Your Inner Child

If you are a parent or have been around small children, you’ve likely seen a temper tantrum…or two! As an adult, you realize the importance of getting things done a certain way in a specific period of time. But a three-year-old doesn’t necessarily see it the same way. If you think about it, there are […]

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A Guide to Failing in Business…with Purpose

guide to failing in business

Failing is tragic and horrible. At least that’s what we think as we watch banks, cities, even kids, fail all around us. We don’t usually consider how failure can be a good thing. Let’s talk about those opportunities for success with this guide to failing in business. Some Famous Failures Fred Smith is best known […]

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What are Your Acres of Diamonds?

acres of diamonds

Sometimes hearing inspiring stories can help us keep our focus as we build our businesses. Today I want to share two stories that inspire me to keep doing more than I am doing with less than I’ve been using. One story is about a sage and a bird, and the other is about acres of […]

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4 Steps to Business Success & Repeat

Four Steps to Business Success

When it comes to building and growing your business, you need to maintain focus, motivation and momentum. Today I want to share with you about four steps for business success. These four steps are ones I’ve used for several decades. Here they are…. Goal, plan, action and feedback! Let’s start at the beginning with setting […]

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