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How to Make Affiliate Marketing Work for You

make affiliate marketing work

When you hear the phrase “affiliate marketing,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think it’s too complicated. Maybe you imagine an army of affiliates spamming people with useless and fake reviews making “pie in the sky” promises, just to make a quick buck? Because of these types of misconceptions, many small business owners think affiliate […]

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How to Effectively Reach Your Audience

reach your audience

Life was tough growing up. When I wasn’t walking barefoot uphill both ways to school, my entertainment choices were limited to about five television stations and a handful of radio stations. Depending on how far we lived from the city, rabbit ears on TVs and antennas on roofs were commonplace — even aluminum foil came […]

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Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

advantages of guerrilla marketing

Are you benefiting from the advantages of guerrilla marketing? The ways of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur are many. Using unusual and creative methods of marketing is the hallmark of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur. But it’s more than just unconventional marketing that makes the GE. There are 10 specific advantages of Guerrilla marketing – ones that you have […]

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How Do You Measure Success?

measure success

When you finish a project for a client do you look to revenue as the only way to measure success? Have you ever worked hard on a project for a client only to get what you felt were less than desirable results because the revenue goals weren’t even close to what you had hoped? We’ve […]

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