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Guerrilla Marketing in the New Millennium (Advantages and Challenges)

guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing in the new millennium offers both new challenges and new advantages for businesses. As our dynamic society moves ever closer to online dependence, business owners have to deal with the following challenges: Challenges for New Millennium Guerrilla Marketing 1. Isolation Instead of social gatherings and in-person visits, the majority of people today rely […]

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Email Marketing Follow-up Tips and Best Practices

email marketing follow up tips

If you’re up for doubling your revenue and you haven’t been doing much email marketing, it’s time to reconsider. Converting a window shopper into a buyer has a great impact on your bottom line and there are more resources to help achieve that conversion than ever before. Companies have spent millions researching different marketing tactics, […]

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5 Techniques to Double Your Sales This Year

double your sales

Far too many small business  owners scurry around trying to increase sales using big promotions or ad campaigns or the latest flavor-of-the-month method. They do all this because the thought of spending money on advertising is chilling. They swing for the fences or search for the proverbial magic bullet to increase their sales and give […]

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