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Cathy Demers

Cathy Demers

What is the Business Success Cafe?

It’s a weekly gathering of small business owners from around the globe. We come together via a telephone conference (with an optional webcast) to learn first-hand from a wide variety of business growth experts.

These global experts, hand-selected for their specific expertise, share with you and your peers important information and priceless tips you need to ensure your business success.

If you’ve been thinking “I need to spend more time learning how to grow my business but I can’t seem to fit it into my day” then this is the perfect solution for YOU!

The Business Success Cafe is where success-minded small business owners, just like you, gather to take a break from their hectic day, and all the problems du jour, to learn from business growth experts in a relaxed virtual environment.

Most importantly you don’t need to carve an hour or more out of your busy schedule…each event is JUST 20 minutes!

Attend from anywhere! While you do need to bring your own coffee…there is no driving, no parking, no hassles…and no tipping the barista.

February 21

How to Build An Email List from Scratch...
 Get Subscribers, Leads, and Buyers!

with LaTisha Styles

It's been said, "the money is in your list" but how do you build a list of potential buyers?


In this training, LaTisha Styles will share strategies for gaining subscribers online.

She'll also share how to nurture those subscribers into hot leads and then into buyers.

You'll discover:

  • How to start growing your list, and what you need to nurture an active, healthy, engaged list that is ready to buy
  • Where to find new subscribers and buyers
  • How to condition your list to buy from you - so you never have to sell!
  • What technology you need to make it all happen

You'll learn exactly what steps to take next to continue growing your email list.

This session is great for beginners but includes some intermediate list building strategies as well.

About LaTisha Styles

LaTisha “Tish” Styles is an author, speaker, and coach who helps her clients package their unique skills to offer them in successful online coaching businesses.

She is the founder of Creating Coins and President of Financial Success Media, LLC.

Through her signature training programs, LaTisha helps service-based entrepreneurs build an online presence that serves one clear purpose, helping them gain more clients. Her flagship You've Got

Clients program serves speakers, influencers, and thought-leaders looking for a system to gain clients online.

Her work has been featured in notable publications including Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

Absolutely Amazing!


The content that Cathy provides each week on her Success Cafe is absolutely amazing.

What makes it such a great program is the diversity of topics covered and the fact that each speaker is challenged to present tons of content within a 20 minute coffee break.

As a result, I've been exposed to many ideas that I would not have had the opportunity to see otherwise.

February 28

​The Simple and Predicable System
for Massive "Buyer-Intent" Traffic

with Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe

Most people haven't managed to crack the nut on how to drive traffic to their websites and offers.

For those that do manage to get some traffic...too often it fails to convert into sales.

Sure you want more traffic (everyone does)...but what you really need is to be seen by people with "buyer- intent". Those are the people who will actually

buy your stuff.

In this education you'll learn the system for obtaining that hot buyer-intent traffic, without having to hire expensive consultants or ad agencies (that seldom give you the results you want).

Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe will walk you through how to drive traffic that's reliable, consistent...and extremely qualified.

This is perfect for people who are new to acquiring traffic or running ads, for people who are busy, in a very competitive niche, or anyone who wants to make more sales.

You’ll walk away with audience-building knowledge that most savvy business owners don’t understand!

About Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe

Joe Fier& Matt Wolfe are the co-founders of Evergreen Profits and the hosts of two weekly podcasts: Hustle and Flowchart.

Joe and Matt absolutely LOVE showing people how simple it really is to get seen online in competitive industries. They started in business together 12 years ago and haven't stopped learning, testing, teaching and scaling since.

One of the best things that has happened in my life! Really.


The Business Success Cafe has been one of the best things that has happened in my life! Really.

The presentations are to the point, invariably helpful and insightful, and always encourage me in my solopreneurship in some way.

I love that these ''coffee breaks'' are do-able in a busy day. They are golden.

March 7

​Increase Your Impact and Explode Your Business...By Getting Your Message on the TEDx Stage!

with Joseph Ranseth

Are you ready for the massive visibility and credibility that comes with taking your message to the TEDx stage?

Joseph Ranseth, a veteran TEDx event organizer, will share this secret insider knowledge with you:

  • How to get selected for a TEDx talk, at the right TEDx event, for exposure that will explode your business.
  • How to position your idea in a way that makes you irresistible to speaker selection committees, even if you aren't an experienced speaker! (And why being an experienced speaker may actually work against you!)
  • The right way to package your TED talk so it stands out, spreads like wildfire, makes you money, and turns your idea into a movement.

If you have an “Idea Worth Spreading”, Joseph Ranseth will help you navigate through the curation process and get you and your message on the TEDx stage.

(Note: this training has never been offered publicly before. Joseph normally reserves this training for his VIP clients.)

About Jospeh Ranseth

Joseph Ranseth is a TED Insider, a licensed TEDx event organizer, TEDx Curator, TEDx Speaker Selection Committee member, TEDx Speaker Coach as well as former TEDx speaker himself. He knows the ins and outs of the speaker selection process and what it takes to get on the TED main stage.

Joseph Ranseth helps people start movements. In his private 'Take Your Message To The World' mastermind, he teaches thought leaders how to apply the same blueprint that Gandhi & Dr. King used to change the world to their own businesses. Joseph is the host of the internationally renowned Global Influence Summit. He has been a featured expert on CBS, Fox News, CTV, CBC, Advertising Age, etc.

Great Content in Every One!


I really enjoy the Business Success Cafe because of the content.

I got something out of every one that I have listened to.
I also like that even if I miss the on air interview I can always listen to it later, usually after my work day is done and I can really listen to it.

Keep up the good work and keep providing the good information. Thanks!

March 14

​How to Use Build a Huge Following and Earn *High* Ticket Commissions - By Promoting Online Events Using Facebook

with Ron Douglas

Want to learn the easiest way to earn high ticket referral commissions (and build your list)...without the hassle of dealing directly with clients or providing customer service?

In this presentation, Ron Douglas reveals how to earn $500 to $1,000 per sale, and build a responsive audience, by promoting webinar events using Facebook.

You’ll learn:

  • How high ticket commission opportunities enable you to get a massive amount of traffic
  • The key factors that determine the best (highest performing) promotions
  • The Facebook ad strategy you can use to get a ton of leads in just 3-4 days
  • The new marketing & automation tool that will supercharge your results
  • ...and much more

About Ron Douglas

Ron Douglas is the president of Ron Douglas Publishing, an information marketing company established in 2001 which has generated over $30 million in sales.

Ron is also the New York Times Best Selling Author of the “America's Most Wanted Recipes” cookbook series which has sold over 1.5 million copies and been featured live on Good Morning America, Home Shopping Network, Fox and Friends, NBC News, and in People Magazine.

Ron holds an MBA in Finance & Investments, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and has worked on Wall Street for J.P. Morgan and Citibank. In in 2007 he left a promising career and 6-figure job to work from home and spend more time with his kids.

...Cannot wait for another one!


learned some information that I can use right away in my business. I appreciate the help and support...cannot wait for another great presentation. 

March 21

​Be Heard! How to Build Your Audience and Your Brand with Alexa Flash Briefings

with Jeff Smith

Alexa is a worldwide phenomenon!

65 million devices are now in homes (an adoption rate even faster than the iPhone!) and it's hugely popular with both young and old.

Now is the perfect time to get your brand and your message on Alexa. It's poised for explosive growth over the next few years. Those who get in now will be the future leaders and hot personalities of this business-changing medium.

The hottest opportunity for business owners are Alexa Flash Briefings.

A Flash Briefing is like a micro-podcast, and listeners love them. Plus, compared with 550,000 podcasts on iTunes, there are only 7,500 Flash Briefings. Think about that for a moment...7,500 micro-podcasts on a platform of 65 million people.

Alexa Flash Briefings are an easy and inexpensive way to create impactful engagement with your audience and build an audience faster than any podcast.

In this 20 minute "Cafe" Jeff Smith will teach you:

  • The insider secrets of a successful Flash Briefing
  • How to create professional quality audio with nothing more than your phone, using the famous "Closet Hack"
  • The 5-Step Formula for the perfect Flash Briefing
  • How to get up and running on this exciting new platform faster than you ever imagined.

About Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is the Alexa Guy and has helped over 200 businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and speakers get their messages onto Alexa, so they can create daily engagement with their followers. Their audiences are now growing 8X faster than podcasts!

His career started in advertising, which created opportunities in Hollywood. Jeff moved his family to Los Angeles, where he created trailers and promos for all the major studios and networks, produced three TV shows and wrote the screenplay for the movie “New World Disorder”.

With a 20 year career of combining marketing with tech, creating web applications, services, websites, mobile apps and more for clients big and small, Jeff now focuses exclusivity on creating Alexa Flash Briefings and teaching others how to create theirs.

Business Owners Love the Business Success Cafe!


The guests that Cathy interviews give practical, actionable ideas that most times I can find a way to act on immediately.

Right behind learning doable ideas, I enjoy the connection with smart people – and that happens on the Business Success Cafe.

March 28

​Discover the Secret Email Hack
That Will Get You 320% More Revenue

with Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak has been generating an online income for half his life now, and over that time he's gone through tons of trial and error, resulting in the acquisition of  tons of valuable techniques for email marketing.

Over time, Matt's techniques have gotten better and better.

In fact, he went through over 8,000 split test rounds.

Recently, Matt discovered that there's one key method that will instantly get you 320% more revenue with email marketing. And he's going to teach that method to you!

Make sure you attend this education to find out exactly what that hack is.

About Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak is the founder of the EPC Institute and an Award-Winning Email Marketer. He started marketing online in 1997 and has been email marketing since 1999.

Matt put up his first optin page in 2001 and in 2003  he made his first million dollars from email marketing. He's sent well over a billion emails in the last 18 years. At last count, he's done over 8,000 email split test rounds and his lists are growing by up-to 10,978 subscribers a DAY! He runs the List-Building club on Facebook with over 18,000 Amazing List Building Club Members.

Just some of the things you'll learn at the Business Success Cafe:

  • Say “NO” and Attract More Clients Online
  • Measure What You Treasure: Train Your Brain and Get More of What You Want in Just Two Minutes a Day
  • If You Chase Two Rabbits…You’ll Catch Neither One: Staying Focused on Your Priorities
  • Want More Money in Your Jeans? How to Shift Your Focus from Income to the Bottom Line…Profit!
  • Entrepreneurial Isolation Sickness – Remedies for Those Who Work Alone
  • …New Topics Are Added Weekly! Attend As Many As You Like