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Cathy Demers

Cathy Demers

What is the Business Success Cafe?

It’s a weekly gathering of small business owners from around the globe. We come together via a telephone conference (with an optional webcast) to learn first-hand from a wide variety of business growth experts.

These global experts, hand-selected for their specific expertise, share with you and your peers important information and priceless tips you need to ensure your business success.

If you’ve been thinking “I need to spend more time learning how to grow my business but I can’t seem to fit it into my day” then this is the perfect solution for YOU!

The Business Success Cafe is where success-minded small business owners, just like you, gather to take a break from their hectic day, and all the problems du jour, to learn from business growth experts in a relaxed virtual environment.

Most importantly you don’t need to carve an hour or more out of your busy schedule…each event is JUST 20 minutes!

Attend from anywhere! While you do need to bring your own coffee…there is no driving, no parking, no hassles…and no tipping the barista.

February 22

The Profitable Blogging System: How to Attract Readers, Convert Customers, and Make More Money with Your Blog!

with Hugh Culver

In the new world of content marketing, blogging remains as one of the most effective strategies for building long-term customer loyalty and sales.

In this 20 minutes you'll learn how speaker and author Hugh Culver uses his blog to build a list of over 22,000 prospects and attract 5-figure speaking contracts.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how to monetize your blog for long-term business growth

  • the most common blogging mistakes you MUST avoid

  • the only 3 results you need to measure and how to do it

About Hugh Culver

Hugh Culver co-created the world’s most expensive tours (to the South Pole) and started three companies. His speeches have received rave reviews with over 1,100 audiences, including Telus, Shoppers Drug Mart, Red Cross, and Bell.

He is the CEO of SOS, a promotion service for bloggers in 5 countries and author of "Give Me a Break – The Art of Making Time Work for You."

Great Content in Every One!


I really enjoy the Business Success Cafe because of the content.

I got something out of every one that I have listened to.
I also like that even if I miss the on air interview I can always listen to it later, usually after my work day is done and I can really listen to it.

Keep up the good work and keep providing the good information. Thanks!

March 1

How To Create An Irresistible LinkedIn Profile -
Proven To Attract Your Next Client

with Trevor Turnbull

With over 540 million decision-making members...your next client is on LinkedIn.

But, in today's "short attention span" world, you only have about 3 seconds to capture the attention of your prospects.

That's why it's more important than ever to clearly communicate your unique value to prospects on LinkedIn - so your prospects know who you serve, how you serve them, why they should trust you..and how they can find out more about the products/services you offer.

In this live demo training, LinkedIn expert, Trevor Turnbull is going to show you the keys to creating an irresistible LinkedIn profile - one that will have your prospects reaching out to connect with you.

Here's what you'll learn in this 20 minute session:

  • Why your LinkedIn profile is the most important social media platform to grow your business

  • How to create a LinkedIn background photo that addresses a prospect "pain point"

  • The most common mistake that professionals make with their LinkedIn profile photo

  • How to create a "problem solving" LinkedIn headline

  • How to easily draft a LinkedIn summary that makes your prospects eager to reach out to you

About Trevor Turnbull

Trevor is the founder of Linked Into Leads, a LinkedIn lead generation, training and consulting company that finds, qualifies and connects clients to their target audience using the #1 network for business professionals.

He is also a lead instructor of LinkedInfluence, the #1 online LinkedIn training program (with over 20,000 members) that teaches how to build your personal brand, grow your network and market your business as well as the 30 Day Sales Machine (with over 1,000 members), that includes the step-by-step system which shows you how to consistently generate leads, line up meetings and increase revenue with LinkedIn.

...Cannot wait for another one!


learned some information that I can use right away in my business. I appreciate the help and support...cannot wait for another great presentation. 

March 8

How to Get a Great Assistant!

with Tim Francis

Are you an entrepreneur who feels frustrated by continually being burdened with low-level administrative and operational tasks?

Do you feel STUCK because it seems the more clients you get...the more administrative work comes with it?

Or maybe you’ve tried hiring an assistant in the past - but you end up working even harder because you need to fix all their mistakes or they're just not up to par.

In this training you’ll learn:

  • The right mindset to have when looking for the best assistant  - one you'll want to  stay with you for the long haul

  • What Kolbe Score to look for in an assistant - and why it really matters

  • How to minimize the “Trough of Sorrow” when bringing on an assistant to avoid disappointment 

About Tim Francis

Tim Francis is an award-winning entrepreneur from Canada and the founder of two companies; and

He’s worldwide Kolbe-Certified and a Certified Scrum Product Owner, who helps entrepreneurs transition from Business Operator to Business Owner.

Great Assistant has helped over 100 North American Entrepreneurs get matched with a North American Virtual Assistant, creating newfound freedom for his clients.

A regular contributor to, Tim has been a guest lecturer at NYU New York City, the University of Alberta and has a masterclass on 

Absolutely Amazing!


The content that Cathy provides each week on her Success Cafe is absolutely amazing.

What makes it such a great program is the diversity of topics covered and the fact that each speaker is challenged to present tons of content within a 20 minute coffee break.

As a result, I've been exposed to many ideas that I would not have had the opportunity to see otherwise.

March 15

7 Steps to Stories that Sell

with David Perdew

Wouldn't you just love to get 75% open rates for all your marketing emails?

And wouldn't it be fantastic to have up to 61% of your readers click the links in those emails?

You can!

Just follow the 7-step Storytelling process as outlined by master storyteller and NAMS CEO and Founder, David Perdew.

David is going to teach you:

  • How you can use the events of your daily life to personalize and monetize your marketing emails.

  • Why the email subject line will make-or-break your email success - and how to make it great

  • The #1 secret to improving sales WHILE building your relationships with your audience with email.

  • How to employ all 7 steps of an effective story in a single paragraph.

Plus... David will give you a gift that can improve your email marketing success immediately and help you generate more income for a long time to come.

People reach out to David begging him to teach these techniques and he'll reveal them to you in this 20 minute education.

About David Perdew

As the CEO and chief architect of NAMS (the Novice to Advanced Marketing System), David Perdew has used all his skills as a journalist, consultant and entrepreneur to build one of the most successful and fastest growing business training workshops available today.

The Novice to Advanced Marketing System is a step-by-step tutorial system focusing on Team, Training Tools to help novice to advanced business people become even more successful.

During the past 20 years, he’s managed a few of the largest telecom ecommerce mergers as a telecom merger project specialist.  One of his last consulting projects was building and implementing a $30 million project management office for the largest wireless company in America.

David  took a year off in 2003 to personally build a 2200 square foot log cabin in north Alabama where he and his wife and two dogs and a cat live on 95 acres of forest with four streams and 60-foot waterfall.

One of the best things that has happened in my life! Really.


The Business Success Cafe has been one of the best things that has happened in my life! Really.

The presentations are to the point, invariably helpful and insightful, and always encourage me in my solopreneurship in some way.

I love that these ''coffee breaks'' are do-able in a busy day. They are golden.

March 22

A Dozen Strategies to Supercharge Your Speaking Calendar!

with Jackie Lapin

You're stage-ready and eager to present! can you find those ripe opportunities to get in front of your next client or book buyer?

They are out there...You just need to know where to look. And Jackie Lapin’s got the goods!

She’ll teach you a dozen innovative and creative strategies to identify speaking opportunities so you can fill up your speaking calendar with top-quality opportunities that are a perfect fit for you.

You’ll discover:

  • The number one strategy that works every time!

  • The social networking searches that get you to decision makers

  • A resource that will put you in front of thousands of association members

  • Two easily overlooked options that can turn into gold

  • A place to find speaking engagements more easily and with reduced time investment

And much more!

About Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin is a leader in helping transformational leaders, authors, practitioners, speakers and messengers connect with their next followers around the globe.

For the past 10 years, her internationally acclaimed Conscious Companies have been providing PR campaigns, radio media tours and speaking engagements to support the growth and revenue of change-makers.

Her clients have included Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Denise Linn, Arielle Ford, Hay House and more.

The success of Jackie's companies has been built on her detail-oriented, comprehensive proprietary one-of-a-kind data-driven lists—the information from which she is now sharing with the world.

Business Owners Love the Business Success Cafe!


The guests that Cathy interviews give practical, actionable ideas that most times I can find a way to act on immediately.

Right behind learning doable ideas, I enjoy the connection with smart people – and that happens on the Business Success Cafe.

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Just some of the things you'll learn at the Business Success Cafe:

Want More Money in Your Jeans? How to Shift Your Focus from Income to the Bottom Line…Profit!

Entrepreneurial Isolation Sickness – Remedies for Those Who Work Alone

…New Topics Are Added Weekly! Attend As Many As You Like