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Cathy Demers

Cathy Demers

What is the Business Success Cafe?

It’s a weekly gathering of small business owners from around the globe. We come together via a telephone conference (with an optional webcast) to learn first-hand from a wide variety of business growth experts.

These global experts, hand-selected for their specific expertise, share with you and your peers important information and priceless tips you need to ensure your business success.

If you’ve been thinking “I need to spend more time learning how to grow my business but I can’t seem to fit it into my day” then this is the perfect solution for YOU!

The Business Success Cafe is where success-minded small business owners, just like you, gather to take a break from their hectic day, and all the problems du jour, to learn from business growth experts in a relaxed virtual environment.

Most importantly you don’t need to carve an hour or more out of your busy schedule…each event is JUST 20 minutes!

Attend from anywhere! While you do need to bring your own coffee…there is no driving, no parking, no hassles…and no tipping the barista.

September 21

How to Build a Highly Responsive Email List - So People Open Your Emails, Read Them Voraciously, Click on the Links With Gusto, and Buy Your Stuff!

Michael Zipursky

with Daniel Levis

What’s the first and best thing you should do to start a new business… or crank up an existing one?

  • Start a blog?
  • Master SEO?
  • Hire a Traffic expert?
  • Dive into Google analytics?
  • Buy a Facebook advertising course?
  • Become an A-list copywriter?

No. None of these useful. They're off-target and expensive activities.

Instead, you need to build… and continue to expand… a hot email list and nurture the daylights out of it.

The GOOD NEWS is that when done correctly, this is also one of the fastest, easiest, cheapest, SAFEST, and most straightforward success steps you can accomplish.

How do you do it?

If you want to build a lucrative, enjoyable, and sustainable email-list-driven business of your own...

Join us at the Business Success Cafe as Daniel Levis reveals his email list-building and monetization secrets.

About Daniel Levis

Daniel Levis has been building and monetizing email lists for himself and his clients since 2004. Throughout that time he has engineered, tested, and refined dozens of list building and lead generation campaigns and spied on over 2,000,000 subscribers at each step of the acquisition funnel… as they opted in to those campaigns and interacted with over 10,000 discreet email messages that Daniel wrote and then sent to those subscribers.

If you’re an investor, you’ve probably seen his work for The Motley Fool, Safe Money Report, Real Wealth Report, Gold Newsletter and other well-known financial publications.

If you’ve ever looked for a business opportunity… bought a self help course… or been interested in information for bettering your health… you may have seen his work with Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and others

One of the best things that has happened in my life! Really.


The Business Success Cafe has been one of the best things that has happened in my life! Really.

The presentations are to the point, invariably helpful and insightful, and always encourage me in my solopreneurship in some way.

I love that these ''coffee breaks'' are do-able in a busy day. They are golden.

September 28

Mojo Up Your Business With Magnetic Purpose

Michael Zipursky

with Nicola Grace

It doesn't matter if you’re just starting out and looking for clarity on your business model, or if you’re a seasoned pro, the world has changed, and you’ve got to respond.

Global competitors are snapping at your heels.

When deciding if they should buy from you or one of your competitors, prospects are demanding a sense of purpose, a contribution to a greater good and authenticity. If you're not pivoting and re-aligning then you’re missing out on the full potential for profit in your niche.

Learn the important elements of your purpose you need to align to, and you can maximise your impact and profit, and find your unique "Mojo Lane" where competition isn’t an issue, and you feel a deeper connection to the difference you’re here to make.

Nicola Grace has assisted over 1,000 social businesses doing good in the world. In just 20 minutes, she's going to teach you:

  • The real reason 90% of businesses are failing to turn a profit and end up in debt, in-spite of over 100 years of business gurus and what you can do to increase your odds of abundant success
  • How the deeper layers of your purpose can give you clear business direction and magnetise better results
  • Where you need to focus your attention to get purposeful rapid growth to "Mojo Up" your business, expand your sales, get more clients and increase your results
  • What aspects of your purpose carry magnetism that, when integrated into your business, will attract the right clients and customers to you

About Nicola Grace

From beating cancer to making history saving a billion dollar industry from ruin, award-winning strategist and bestselling author Nicola Grace, helps professionals and business owners clarify and monetize their life's big mission so they can make a bigger impact, transform the world and build their legacy.

Nicola’s intuitive visionary strategy skills have made her the secret weapon of politicians, business owners, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, thought leaders and an entire industry body.

Business Owners Love the Business Success Cafe!


The guests that Cathy interviews give practical, actionable ideas that most times I can find a way to act on immediately.
Right behind learning doable ideas, I enjoy the connection with smart people – and that happens on the Business Success Cafe.

October 5

3 Simple Steps to Building Authority - The Fast and Easy Way

with Ian Brodie

According to the latest research, when you are seen as an authority or "go to expert" in your field, you can charge 4-13 times more than your competitors...and have 2-4 times more demand for your services.

Unfortunately, the path to authority hasn't always been obvious or easy.

Most advice and training paints a complex picture of endlessly producing content, and slowly growing your visibility through the circuit of podcasts, guest articles, books and presentations.

It's slow, painful and for most people it simply doesn't work.

There's a proven "80:20" approach to building authority that does work! It's a set of simple steps that focus on the core of what really gets potential clients to see you as a leading expert in your field and to want to work with you.

If you want a shortcut to being seen as an authority in your field, join us for 20 minutes and you'll learn:

  • What really makes an authority (and why you don't need to be a "celebrity" or even well known to be seen as an authority by the right people)

  • Why experience and vast knowledge aren't what gets people to pay attention to your message, and the one thing that does

  • The surprising approach to marketing that one of the world's most prestigious and successful consulting firms used to build their business - and how you can use it too

How to be remembered and be influential in today's message-crowded world

About Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie helps consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win more clients. Top Sales World magazine named him as one of the Top 25 Global Thought Leaders in Marketing & Sales and Rain Today called his website one of the "resources of the decade" for professional services marketing. His first book, Email Persuasion has been a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.

He runs the 5 Day Authority Challenge: a free program that's helped thousands of experts learn what it takes to become authorities in their field.

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learned some information that I can use right away in my business. I appreciate the help and support...cannot wait for another great presentation. 

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As a result, I've been exposed to many ideas that I would not have had the opportunity to see otherwise.

Just some of the things you'll learn at the Business Success Cafe:

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Measure What You Treasure: Train Your Brain and Get More of What You Want in Just Two Minutes a Day

If You Chase Two Rabbits…You’ll Catch Neither One: Staying Focused on Your Priorities

Want More Money in Your Jeans? How to Shift Your Focus from Income to the Bottom Line…Profit!

Entrepreneurial Isolation Sickness – Remedies for Those Who Work Alone

…New Topics Are Added Weekly! Attend As Many As You Like