Trying to Be a Business Superwoman or Superman? Why Your Self-Care is Not Selfish

Is your to-do list longer than you have hours in the day?

Do you feel more like a clown spinning saucers in a three-ring circus instead of being the ring master?

You can serve your family, friends, clients, and business better when you take time for yourself to recharge.

Learn more from Nina Cooke as she discusses the benefits of taking time out for yourself so you can relax, recharge, and give your best for others.

Video Transcription:

Hi I’m Nina Cook and I help successful but stuck business owners clear up their internal blocks so they can create the business freedom they first went into business for.

And today I want to ask you:

“How much do you feel you're juggling in your life?”

“Are you juggling business family, friends, parents and all the other things that come up every day?”

“And how are you coping with that?”

“Do you feel that everyone wants a piece of you, that you have to support people emotionally, you have to support people financially and that leaves very little for you?”

“Do you feel like you’re pulled in every direction and you just can’t keep saying no, you have to keep doing things that people want? Even though it’s taking a lot out of you and leaving very little for yourself?”

“Do you find yourself working long hours in the day trying to catch up because you got so many other things going on and your juggling constantly? And by spinning all those balls, some of those balls fall from time to time? And then you feel a failure because you can’t keep everything going? Because you can’t be superman or superwoman?”

If this is how you feel, I’d love you just to stop and take a bit of time out for yourself.

When you focus on yourself and you give yourself some self-care, it doesn’t mean you’re being selfish or your'e being arrogant or vain – or anything like that.

It just means that when you take care of yourself and your needs – and have some quiet time to recharge your batteries – it means you’ve got much more to offer everyone else around you and this has a lovely ripple effect on the people around you.

When you have more to give – they’ll get much more from you – and everyone is going to benefit in that way.

So when you feel things are really getting on top of you, just close the door and take some time out for yourself.  Do whatever you enjoy doing, whatever it may be, just to feel that you can have some quality time to yourself and things will calm down and feel much clearer and easier for you.

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About Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke is a Business Freedom Coach.

She works with business owners who are frustrated because their business has hit a wall. She helps them to grow their business, raise their credibility, and attract higher-paying clients. She does this by showing them how to remove their internal blocks to overcome their fears and self-doubt so that they can dream bigger and create the business freedom they want.

Nina lives in England, near Cambridge with her husband, 4 children and cute labradoodle, Eddie.

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"A Limiting Belief is a concept we make up and accept as true. See it for what it really is: A Big Fat Lie." - Nina Cooke

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