Should You Start a Nonprofit?

start a nonprofit

Starting and working for a nonprofit is extremely fulfilling and enjoyable, especially in today’s times. You can make a difference in a cause you’re passionate about while simultaneously enjoying freedom and satisfaction. However, nonprofit work isn’t for everyone. If you’ve been thinking about starting a nonprofit, see if the following statements ring true for you. […]

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How to Effectively Reach Your Audience

reach your audience

Life was tough growing up. When I wasn’t walking barefoot uphill both ways to school, my entertainment choices were limited to about five television stations and a handful of radio stations. Depending on how far we lived from the city, rabbit ears on TVs and antennas on roofs were commonplace — even aluminum foil came […]

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Generosity as a Business Growth Strategy

business growth strategy

I gave a 10-minute talk for Joe Polish’s Genius Network Mastermind Group. I decided to share some what I shared during my talk. The purpose of these 10-minute talks is to share a concept or idea—one that you use in your day-to-day business—that other members of the group can implement in their own lives and/or […]

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