7 Easy Ways to Boost Sales Fast

Boost Sales Fast

One Thursday afternoon, my four partners and I were looking over the books for our small technology firm and had no idea how we were going to cover the next day’s payroll. We had no cash, no investors and no bank to run to. Even considering the painful decision to lay off staff wouldn’t work. […]

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How to Start a Thriving Coaching Business

start coaching business

I’ve been in the coaching world for the past decade. And during my years in the field, I’ve helped well-known influencers find coaches, and coaches get clients. However, I decided to make a change in my own business and shift from serving leaders to creating products and strategies for coaching. And at the time of […]

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How to Create a Winning Consulting Offer

create a winning coaching offer

(This article was originally published on Consulting Success) A consultant recently told me “People don’t see a need for my offer.” They went on to explain that their offer isn’t getting any traction. And that their ideal consulting clients aren’t interested in it. It’s like they’re fishing for a trophy client and yet no one […]

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Email Marketing Follow-up Tips and Best Practices

email marketing follow up tips

If you’re up for doubling your revenue and you haven’t been doing much email marketing, it’s time to reconsider. Converting a window shopper into a buyer has a great impact on your bottom line and there are more resources to help achieve that conversion than ever before. Companies have spent millions researching different marketing tactics, […]

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5 Techniques to Double Your Sales This Year

double your sales

Far too many small business  owners scurry around trying to increase sales using big promotions or ad campaigns or the latest flavor-of-the-month method. They do all this because the thought of spending money on advertising is chilling. They swing for the fences or search for the proverbial magic bullet to increase their sales and give […]

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How to Make Affiliate Marketing Work for You

make affiliate marketing work

When you hear the phrase “affiliate marketing,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think it’s too complicated. Maybe you imagine an army of affiliates spamming people with useless and fake reviews making “pie in the sky” promises, just to make a quick buck? Because of these types of misconceptions, many small business owners think affiliate […]

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Should You Start a Nonprofit?

start a nonprofit

Starting and working for a nonprofit is extremely fulfilling and enjoyable, especially in today’s times. You can make a difference in a cause you’re passionate about while simultaneously enjoying freedom and satisfaction. However, nonprofit work isn’t for everyone. If you’ve been thinking about starting a nonprofit, see if the following statements ring true for you. […]

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