How to Get Rich with a Morning Routine

Get Rich with a Morning Routine

There’s a secret highly successful people use everyday, top performing CEO’s swear by and creative people can’t perform without. It has to do with your routine. Before I get to the power of a morning routine, let’s look at the rest of your day. If you are like most readers of this blog, your days […]

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Self Promotion and How to Sell Yourself

how to sell yourself

When you are in business, you need to know how to sell yourself to gain new clients or customers and grow as an entrepreneur. Amazingly, selling themselves trips up a lot of people up. Talking about themselves and explaining the benefits of what they offer to potential clients or customers is a huge struggle for […]

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Do You Want to Make Money as an Author?

Make Money as an Author

Do you really want to make money as an author?  Many dream of writing a book but never see that dream come to light. Unfortunately, of those who want to write a book, only a very small percentage actually succeed in getting their book written – even fewer ever make any money from it. The […]

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