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Guerrilla Marketing in the New Millennium (Advantages and Challenges)

guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing in the new millennium offers both new challenges and new advantages for businesses. As our dynamic society moves ever closer to online dependence, business owners have to deal with the following challenges: Challenges for New Millennium Guerrilla Marketing 1. Isolation Instead of social gatherings and in-person visits, the majority of people today rely […]

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Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

advantages of guerrilla marketing

Are you benefiting from the advantages of guerrilla marketing? The ways of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur are many. Using unusual and creative methods of marketing is the hallmark of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur. But it’s more than just unconventional marketing that makes the GE. There are 10 specific advantages of Guerrilla marketing – ones that you have […]

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