Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

advantages of guerrilla marketing

Are you benefiting from the advantages of guerrilla marketing?

The ways of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur are many. Using unusual and creative methods of marketing is the hallmark of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur. But it’s more than just unconventional marketing that makes the GE.

There are 10 specific advantages of Guerrilla marketing – ones that you have over the non-Guerrilla marketer.

#1. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage of Insight.

You are clear on your priorities. You understand the folly of overwork, overgrowth, and overextending your reach – all common entrepreneurial pitfalls. You know to hold to your plan as a roadmap, and that the journey is the destination. With the GE’s insight, your passion remains intact.

#2. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage of Relationships.

You create lasting relationships with every sale made. New customers become life-long customers. And while sales and revenue may fluctuate, the number of relationships you make are consistently rising – and with that sales and revenue soon to follow.

#3. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Service.

You put yourself in your customer’s shoes seeing service from their viewpoint rather than your own.

You know the quality of your service is where your competitive edge stems from – even over larger companies – because you are more devoted to creating your customer’s delight. You value the power of word-of-mouth marketing and how it is essential to outstanding service.

#4. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Flexibility.

You aren’t a slave to company policies and a “but that’s how we’ve always done it” mentality.

Rather, your agile style includes quick thinking and a customer-needs focus because you know flexibility is key to growing your business and building relationships. You act based on what’s best for the situation at hand and are not bound to old ways and thinking.

Others are inspired by your versatility.

#5. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Follow-up.

You know ignoring a customer after the sale is made is the death knell for that potential relationship. Instead, you listen to them and assure them of your gratitude for them and their business, and continually add value to their lives and businesses. And in turn for such exceptional treatment, they come to you again and again for future purchases and refer others as well.

#6. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Cooperation.

You don’t see other businesses as “the competition” but instead, as potential partners who you gladly help and they do the same in return.

You’re not looking to put anyone out of business. You are looking for others like you to create networks and work with as a team. Approaching business from this perspective helps everyone involved as more people venture out to build their own small businesses.

#7. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Patience.

The GE knows patience is a virtue and your steady companion .

There's no need to hurry or rush. Time is important, but experience has taught you the quality of work declines as speed increases. But deadlines are always met with ease because you plan everything accordingly.

#8. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Economy.

When faced with implementing marketing strategies without a big budget, your patience serves you well.

You harness the power of time and energy leaving you without the need to invest too much cash. As most businesses have learned, when it comes to results, you have the choice of two out of these three options: quality, economy, and speed. Of these, you consistently choose quality and economy.

#9. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Timeliness.

You run your business like a well-oiled machine free from busy-work and fluff.

Always staying up to date with technology ensures you run a state-of-the-art operation. And while focusing on your plan keeps everything running smoothly, you also know how timing comes into play and can adjust any time your customers need you.

#10. The Guerrilla Entrepreneur’s Advantage in Commitment.

Your enthusiasm for this commitment is so powerful it helps you reach your goals without fail and makes you a standout in your industry.

Your enthusiasm fuels your commitment, and the commitment fuels your enthusiasm. Without this, even the best plans don’t have a chance. But with it, there’s no end to the possibilities.

You’ll find the way of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur is a way led by the brilliant light of love—love of self, work, family, others, freedom, independence, and most importantly, life.

A GE has a never-ending love affair with life. With a sincere and wholehearted love, the Guerrilla Entrepreneur generates a growing and brilliant passion that powers his or her spirits.


  1. Love of self
  2. Love of work
  3. Love of family
  4. Love of play
  5. Love of freedom
  6. Love of independence
  7. Love of friends
  8. Love of customers and employees
  9. Love of a higher power
  10. Love of life

This is the love story of the Guerrilla Entrepreneur, for it is love that lights the way of the Guerrilla.

About Jeannie Levinson

Jeannie Levinson, is the Co-Founder and CEO of “Guerrilla Marketing International, “The Guerrilla Marketing Association” & “The Guerrilla Marketing Business University.”

She is the Co-Author with her late husband, Jay Conrad Levinson, of the updated classic book "Guerrilla Marketing" which is required reading in many MBA programs worldwide with over 24 million copies sold in 67 languages.

"Guerrilla Marketing" was recently named by "Inc Magazine" as one of the top 10 most influential business books of all time.

She has also authored other bestselling books including:"Guerrilla Success"; "Guerrilla Marketing for Free"; "Guerrilla Creativity / Marketing with Memes"; “The Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing;” "The Guerrilla Marketing Field Guide"; "Guerrilla Marketing Remix / The Best of Guerrilla Marketing" and "Guerrilla Success"

She is a Licensed GM Master Trainer, Certified GM Coach, Public Speaker, Workshop Leader and a successful Entrepreneur for over 40 years.

She and her husband, Jay, have traveled to almost 70 different countries teaching the low cost/ no cost, unconventional principles of guerrilla marketing around the world.

Jeannie now hosts The Annual Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit to honor the legacy of her late husband, Jay Conrad Levinson: The Father of Guerrilla Marketing. For more information about Guerrilla Marketing visit my website.

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