Maximize Your ROI in Any Niche – with Affiliate Marketing!

Do you avoid affiliate marketing because you don’t think it can work in your niche? Or maybe you think it is too complicated?

The reality is that you can maximize your ROI in any niche by utilizing affiliate marketing – and it’s simple to do. (You may have heard the terms – joint venture, partnerships or commissioned sales. These are different terms for the same concept.)

If you think about it, no matter the size, all companies need a way to maximize their revenue. Consider big names like AT&T, Walmart, DirectTV, Microsoft or Adobe, just to name a few. They all have an affiliate program you can sign up to and get paid to promote their products.

For these companies, it's a no-brainer. They get the benefits of a free sales force paid for performance. No sales – nothing to pay out.

For you, it can lead to additional income for your business as your primary job is to drive traffic to a particular service or product.

There are different avenues through which you can do this including your blog, website or mailing list. If you don’t happen to have any of those, you can still get started quickly by using free online classified sites, social media, or even paid ads like through Google Adwords, Solo Ads or Facebook Ads.

The point I want to make is this – you don’t have to have your own products when you’re selling other people’s products.

For example, over 50% of our income is from affiliate marketing. This revenue helps fund our operating costs, allowing us to create quality products according to our vision and goals. In other words, our affiliate marketing income covers the “nuts and bolts” of our business.

You can make great money with just a small list, too. Take Connie Ragen Green, one of our NAMS instructors and a super affiliate marketer. Her list consisted of 651 people.  Sound too small? She made her first $100,000 with that tiny list.

Hopefully, you see that when you add affiliate marketing to your business plan, you get additional freedom and opportunities.  You can do this!

Where to Start

The easiest starting point is to consider the definition of affiliate marketing. According to Connie’s great definition, affiliate marketing is: “The process of recommending what you love to your friends and business associates in return for monetary compensation.”

Once you have the definition in place, look for those services and products you love. Remember, any niche can do this. With a little research, you can discover those companies that you can promote as an affiliate.

Keep Your Affiliates Near and Dear to Your Heart

As Connie recommends, try to keep your affiliates to only companies that you have purchased from or have participated within some degree.

You might wonder why? Why not just go out and sign up for all the affiliate programs you can?

Two reasons: energy and creativity.

First, promoting something you have personally used and loved increase your marketing energy level. This energy flows into your marketing voice in your speaking, emails, or social media posts. People will sense your enthusiasm and want to join in the excitement.

Second, the more familiar you are with a service or product, the more creative you’ll be in your marketing. The more creativity and personality you bring into your affiliate marketing, the more success you’ll achieve.

No Reason Not to Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Business Plan

As you can see, affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated puzzle. You can easily join affiliate programs and promote their products or services with a small list no matter your niche. Imagine the opportunities that await you once you get going.

Why not get started now?

Take a moment and think about the services and products you use. Decide who you want to promote. And start promoting!

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