Cathy Demers

Cathy Demers
Founder is a premier source of tools, tips, information and expert advice to help small business owners like you!

Just a few short weeks ago - I started where most small business owners start…with a big vision, limited resources, a sketchy plan documented “on the back of a napkin”, and a healthy measure of tenacity.

With the help of my team, and the contributions of business experts from around the globe, this new site is already stuffed full of high-value resources devoted to helping you grow your successful small fast and easy as possible!

I think you'll love the resources already here ...and what I have in store for you.

Business Success Cafe
The Perfect Coffee Break for Business Owners

Ask the Experts!
You've Got Questions! Let Me Get You the BEST Answers

Resources for Your Success
Actionable Hot Tips, Timely Reviews, Expert Advice and Inspiration provided by hand-picked global experts

Why Your Small Business Success is SO Important...

The mission of is to dramatically enhance the prosperity of small business owners - one small business at a time!

Your prosperity includes money, of course, but it's much more than that.

It's about the freedom to have the life you desire and freedom from struggle and worry. It's about contribution and legacy. It's about making a profound impact.

But here's the kicker...the ripple effects of your business success are huge!

The more success you have - the bigger your contribution to the prosperity of your family, employees, customers, community and...the world.

While the weekly Business Success Cafe has been running for over 4 years (over 27,000 have subscribed) this website is a new endeavor. My team and I are working hard every day to provide you the timely information and resources you need to be successful - from sources you can trust.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to help you be successful. Together we can make the biggest ripples of prosperity.

Who is Responsible for All These Great Resources?

Global Business-Growth Experts is a collaboration of generous experts who have hundreds of years of business experience under their belts. And...they're uber-generous!

When you visit our blog here you'll find up-to-date and useful information you can apply right away!  And...the unique Ask The Experts resources means you have direct access to the best experts to help you with your toughest question. Just ask right here!

If you find resources provided by the experts that are valuable to you - please be generous with your comments (ask questions or just say "hello") and take a moment to share those resources with others.

A Dedicated Team

There's a bunch of very-dedicated, talented and fun people who make this site rock! They are spread out around the globe, all of them work virtually (living the fuzzy-slipper lifestyle). For all they do to make really hum...I am beyond grateful.


Success-minded small business owners, like you, contribute directly to Together we create BIG ripples of prosperity!

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