5 Techniques to Maximize Your Exposure and Media Reach

Maximize Your Exposure and Media Reach

Congratulations!  Your passion and desire to get your much-needed message out to those that need to hear it the most has worked. Everything is lined up: signature speech prepared, fantastic website constructed, marketing gurus studied and an active and engaged online community.

Are you ready for the next step? The one where you maximize your exposure by heading to those places where your ideal client or student is hanging out?

To do that…you have to have more media reach by speaking on more stages, radio shows, podcast, and virtual summits.

To get on more stages, you have to get booked – which requires visibility!


#1 – A Fabulous Speaker One-Sheet

Not sure what a speaker one-sheet is? Think of it as the one page that showcases who you are and convinces the booker that you are the star to select for their stage.

It establishes your credibility and professionalism. It also shows your track record as a presenter and conveys your best-selling points succinctly.

A speaker one-sheet displays your Unique Selling Proposition. It's that “special something” that makes you unique and that you have a solution to an audience’s troublesome problem. Additionally, it includes your biography, powerful testimonies from avid fans, details of the presentations you offer, and features other factors that cement your expertise, authority, and accomplishments.

As for aesthetics, it should have great colors, photos, even logos from your clients or media you were featured in.

#2 – Know and Understand the Magic Words to Getting Booked

If you want the speaker decision maker to choose you to place in front of their audience, then you need to make sure you understand the following words:

Benefit – The first thing a speaker booker will want to know is how you will benefit their audience. Take some time to think about what benefit you bring to an audience. And then consider how those who hear you speak will grow, heal, learn, or expand.

Relevance – The more relevant you are, the better your chances of being booked. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you relevant to the booker’s audience?
  • Will your message solve the audience’s problem?
  • What are the audience’s demographics?
  • Does your story mirror their story? Will they be able to resonate emotionally with you?
  • Additionally, does your information fit the right skill level for their audience?
  • Will your presence support the theme the booker is creating? Or will you provide something unique they've not heard before?
  • Is your subject timely?

AcknowledgmentThere are two ways to acknowledge the role the booker has in scheduling speakers:

  • Show them you’ve done your homework by demonstrating to them that you know details about the event, the group, or the booker.
  • Express your appreciation and gratitude for giving you the opportunity to be considered.

#3 – Rock-Solid Pitch Letter

The one thing that will place you in demand by radio, podcast, and TV hosts is a pitch letter that blows their socks off. I’ve booked over 10,000 interviews with my pitch letters.

Ready to create yours?

Here are the vital components you need to create a pitch letter that wow’s the booker:

  • Compelling benefit (What problem do you solve, the news you bring, etc. Your “why.”)
  • Great subject line (Your pitch needs to get opened to be read.)
  • Great headline (Get their attention in 30 seconds or less.)
  • Excellent lead paragraph (Keep them hooked and reading for more.)
  • Great storytelling (Can you spin a story that locks in their emotional resonance?)
  • Great relatability (Remember – you need to be relevant. See above.)
  • Correct grammar (Even a couple of errors will immediately discredit you.)
  • Conciseness (You’re living in a “Snap Chat” world. Shorter gets read more often.)
  • With TV media, think about the visual component (How can you make it interesting for the viewer—instead of just providing a talking head interview?)

#4 – Powerful Media Kit

A well-crafted media kit will inform your host of who you are and makes you more interesting. It needs to provide a specific introduction to be read on air. It enables your host to “sell” you to their audience by leading the listener. When done right, you know what will be coming next about 80% of the time – this eases your anxiety and nervousness and allows you some control over the interview.

The essential elements you need in your media kit include a lead release that frames the subject matter for the interview. Also, it should showcase your testimonials and endorsements. You should have your biography, an on-air introduction and twenty questions you’d like to be asked all pre-written and additional assorted information. Finally, your branding should be reflected throughout with colorful graphics and highlighted awards.

#5 – Be Appealing to the Host’s Needs

By participating in various multi-speaker online or tele-summits, you raise your visibility to prospective clients and students. You build your opt-in list, joint venture partners, and even enroll people in your products and services.

Here are the three criteria your host is looking for – criteria you need have to address in your appeal:

  • Your Qualifications – Are you a good fit culturally and professionally? Do you meet the required standards such as minimum list size, a desirable opt-in freebie, a solid presenter, and have the right technology to give a fabulous presentation?
  • Subject Matter – Does your subject matter meet the host’s theme?
  • Partnership – Is there an opportunity to be an active partner? To participate in promotion even to your email list and social media? What other ways are available so that you can help get the word out? 

That’s it…the 5 MUST-HAVE TECHNIQUES to get you booked and visible. All of them require writing with purpose and precision and appealing to emotions.

Not sure how to master all of these techniques easily and quickly?

You’re in luck!

The Get Booked Training program guides you step-by-step to create all five of these essential must-haves. Check out what you will learn:

  • Create Your Irresistible “Stellar Speaker One-Sheet”
    • Develop the right words and look so your one-sheet compels the speaker booker to pick you NEXT!
    • Discover the specific elements to motivate a booker to act.
    • Gain the confidence that your materials sparkle and sell you with impact!
  • Craft Your Speaker Applications To Land The Gig
    • Learn how to write the email and know what elements go into it
    • Strategize your follow-up calls, so you get priority attention.
    • Learn what you can do to build long-term relationships with bookers
  • Develop Your “Get Booked” Radio/TV Pitch Letter
    • The eight different elements in your pitch letter which make you a sought-after guest!
    • Create compelling headlines and lead paragraphs.
    • Write the tips that show bookers you bring unparalleled value to their listeners.
  • How To Make A Media Kit So Hot Hosts Perfectly Showcase You and Your Offer
    • Create a dynamic media kit that gives hosts answers to all their questions before they ask you…leading them down the path to sell you and your products to their audience.
    • Develop each of the six essential elements in an impactful media kit.
    • Master the simple ways to make it look authoritative and professional.
  • Turn Yourself Into a Magnet for Virtual Summit Hosts, so You Get Invited Time and Time Again
    • Be ready before you pitch! We’ll show you how.
    • Construct the ultimate persuasive appeal to a presenter.
    • Learn insider secrets to make yourself a sought-after and frequent virtual summit guest, so you continue to expand your visibility and impact…and keep building your opt-in list.

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