4 Steps to Find Your “Unique MO” and Triple Your Growth

Find Your “Unique MO”

Finding Your Unique MO: WHAT

Do you have a great product or service to offer but struggle to keep a steady stream of clients flowing your way?

I bet you have even tried many of the so-called “fail-proof plans” that require Facebook advertising, joint ventures, or content marketing. They weren’t quite so “fail-proof” were they?

You probably feel alone in this mess called business.

You aren’t.

Thousands of struggling entrepreneurs are in the same boat – frustrated, exhausted, and questioning why they can’t “make it” like others and get the volume of clients they need to make the money they strive for.

Listen – there is good news. You’re not doing anything wrong by developing a fantastic product, believing your business is worth it, and utilizing funds in advertising. The fact is none of this is the real issue.

It’s true.

What is missing in the strategies you’re using is telling the world what sets you apart from the rest of the pack. You probably haven’t established your “Unique MO” – the one thing that will keep you from struggling to get clients. Instead, they will come to you in droves.

Look – to stand out in the crowd, to rise to the top of all the noise; you have to find your Unique MO. I have a simple formula that helps you figure it out in less than 10 minutes, shifting your business model from one of many talking heads to the ONLY ONE out there getting results.

The 4 parts that make up your “Unique MO” are your:

  1. Unique Market
  2. Unique Message
  3. Unique Method
  4. Unique Offer

Before you throw up your hands in frustration because you don’t even know where to begin to determine your Unique MO, stop and relax. It’s OK. We’ll talk more about the four steps you can take to find it out a little later.

However, let’s answer the deeper question you’re asking…WHY you need a Unique MO and WHY you need to implement yours now.

Finding Your Unique MO: WHY

You already know your offer is good. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in business.

You also know what you are offering towers over others in your market. People should be running to you with their wallets already open.

But they are not.

Moreover, poor results leads you doubt your abilities and your business. No need to doubt. When you apply the “4 Steps” to your marketing model, you’ll see that neither you – nor your product – is the problem.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these two case studies that show just how well the 4 Step “Unique MO” works:

Dr. Scott was a frustrated chiropractor. He worked hard. He was honest. He was great at helping his patients. His problem was getting the type of clientele that he wanted to work with the most. His position in the marketplace was “one of many” instead of “the Only One.”

He was spending too much money on marketing efforts that weren’t bringing in the high-paying clients who would value him and his team.

Knowing he could do so much more, he felt trapped which increased his frustration. We worked together through the “blueprint process” to determine his “Unique MO” and re-position him in his field as a specialist, THE authority, an expert at what he does.

How’s he doing now? He has a steady flow of the type of clients that are the right fit. He no longer struggles to find clients that will pay him $500 per month. Instead, they pay him $5,000 per month for his new “Patient Infusion Method.” And the first time he shared his NEW method to a group of doctors, he was inundated with doctors wanting to work with him. That shift in his business model to become the go-to expert has him on track to more than double his business.

Joe Polish operates a high-level mastermind for entrepreneurs. Each of the 67 members pays $25,000 a year to work with Joe. When he was ready to increase the number of members to 100, he got clear on his Unique MO.

Here’s what it looks like using the four steps:

Unique Market: “Entrepreneurs doing at least 1 million and focused on connection and contribution.”
Unique Message: “Reduce suffering for entrepreneurs.”
Unique Method: “Return on Genius” and/or “Genius Networking.”
Unique Offer: The “Genius Network.”

Clarifying his Unique MO in addition to implementing additional high-level strategies, helped Joe hit his target without having to be salesy or use hype. It’s really about focusing on the long-term and implementing winning strategies.

How did it turn out for Joe? His company’s profits have grown exponentially as it has more than doubled each year.

Consider how this process can change your life and your business.

It can work for you.

Finding Your Unique MO: HOW

Your turn! Grab a sheet of paper and work through these four steps:

Step 1: Establish Your Unique Market

You’ve been trying to serve everyone. Now narrow your focus down to a sub-niche. What area would you concentrate on? Who are the “perfect clients” you would work with?

For instance, Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Market might be: “Fitness enthusiasts who drink coffee.”

What about yours? Write it down.

Step 2: Establish Your Unique Message

Think about a sentence or two that tells people what only you can offer. What message would you convey?

Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Message could be: “Get fit drinking coffee.”

What is your Unique Message? Take a moment to brainstorm and then write it down.

Step 3: Establish Your Unique Method

What sets you apart? What actions or process do you use that is unique in your market? What combination of things do you use to solve other people’s problems? More specifically, think of how you address them in particular way that your customers cannot find elsewhere.

For example, Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Method could be: “Add grass fed butter to coffee.”

Think about your methods and processes. What do you do to help your customers? Condense it into a sentence and write it down.

Step 4: Establish Your Unique Offer

The final step is to create a package from your products or services that would transform you from “one of many” to “the only one” – setting you up to be the only choice for your customers and clients. This becomes your Unique Offer.

In our example, Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Offer is “Bulletproof Coffee.” At the time of its inception, their uniqueness was that it was the only coffee that used grass-fed butter.

What do you do if you don’t have a unique product or service, yet?

Think about experiences or a combination of things you can offer in a single package that is unique and sets you apart from the rest. Brainstorm a list of ideas and write them down. Look over them and choose your “winning combination.”

True…this method is probably very new to even seasoned entrepreneurs when hearing about them for the first time. It can be hard to come up with answers immediately.

Some questions will be easy to answer. Others…not so much.

As an entrepreneur, you understand that it’s best to take new knowledge and take action to implement right away.

USING Your Unique MO (& Tripling Your Business)

I can help you take action now.

Drawing my more than 25 years of experience helping companies grow, I’ve created a free, 90-minute training. Watch it as I walk you through this process and show you how you can triple your business immediately.

Attend this free On-Demand Training and see real action steps you can put into place now to get to the next level of your business.

We’re talking actual methods, strategies, and tips – not just theory.

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Attend this free On-Demand Training and see real action steps you can put into place now to get to the next level of your business - Get immediate access right HERE

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