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How to Create Your 7 Must-Have Videos

Value $117

Lou Bortone

Create all your key videos!

This one-of-a-kind program will walk you through both the strategy and the execution of creating your 7 Must Have Videos for your business:

  • You'll learn how to create or upgrade your crucial home-page video.
  • You'll discover why it's so important to have your "why" video
  • We'll teach you how to make the best YouTube Channel Trailer
  • You'll discover the power and simplicity of live streaming videos
  • You'll also find out how to get more clients using Video Email
  • We'll walk you through how to create a popular FAQ's series
  • We'll even show you how to create your sales page videos

Let us take all the overwhelm and confusion OUT of the video-making process and show you the quickest and most effective way to create awesome videos that build your brand and boost your business.

Fast Business Start Up
Virtual Workshop

Value $197

David Perdew

What if you could FINALLY uncover the secret to creating one single income stream and measure your progress while continuing to create long-term growth without working yourself to death?

And what if the hidden clue was as simple as understanding 4 numbers that drive your business no matter what product or niche you’re in?

You can finally do that with one of our most popular virtual workshops called Fast Business Start Up.

You'll want to revisit this workshop over and over again as your business grows because fundamentals are they key to long-term success and we delivery in spades! 

In just a day of training, you have helped me get further than I have in the past six years. You break it all down and make it easy to understand and implement.” 
~ Deeva Richmond Massey

"After working on the homework I realize why I've been struggling for so long trying to start an online business. You don't know what you don't know." 
~Wanda W.


Networking Tips For Those Who Struggle To Fit In

Value $127

Justin Popovic

Done for you Self Help Product that teaches even the most shy person how to build their network and increase their confidence when dealing with others. 

You can download, edit and then publish this material as your own.

Sell it and keep 100% of the profits OR use it as a give-away for lead generation.

Includes graphics, marketing material and much more.

Turn LinkedIn Connections Into Clients

Value $297

Estie Rand

Updated and revised for 2021, the LinkedIn 30/30 Program gives you everything from the basic training, all the way to the “secret strategies” you’ll need to know on LinkedIn to turn connections into clients, investing less than 30-minutes a day for 30-days!

It will give you step-by-step guidance so you know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to maximize LinkedIn for influence and sales.

You’ll discover what top influencers are doing and how it all works so you can get the respect and prestige you’ve been looking to build in your own industry.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business. This works if you have a 9-5, if you’re a solopreneur and even if you’re scaling or already running multiple businesses. 

If you have business services to sell, you MUST learn a reliable and repeatable system to generate leads through LinkedIn.

And even if you don’t have those 30-minutes a day for the next 30-days, we’ve included a training so you can guide a staff member or VA to do the whole process for you.

Facebook Ads 101
Course Building Blueprint

Value $1,494

Alex Branning

This year, Alex Branning is giving away TWO courses:

  1. Facebook Ads 101 (valued at $497) 
  2. Course Building Blueprint to help you build a course online (valued at $997) 

Grow your business and set up an automated lead generation machine without wasting money on ads that don't work.

Learn how to easily launch a highly profitable Facebook ad campaign & create your very own online course!


Profit Diary of an Online Marketing Millionaire
Your Roadmap to Riches

Value $9.97

Daniel Levis

Email marketing is STILL the killer app for any online or offline business.

It’s the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way to create customer bonding, branding and sales – while increasing lifetime customer value with every email you send.

Yet few entrepreneurs have the slightest idea how to use email the RIGHT way...

They waste valuable time and effort focusing on open rates, clickthrough rates, and “list building”... while a small handful of email marketers are quietly raking in fortunes, with finely-tuned email marketing machines that earn money reliably, consistently, and automatically.

The EMAIL ALCHEMIST is a revealing – and often times, scathing – look at the world of online marketing, and how the true masters of marketing are really using email to build empires of wealth.

The Content Promotion Bundle

Value $60

Lacy Boggs

As much as 80% of your content marketing efforts should go to promoting the content you create.

Use this bundle to learn how to grow your audience with content promotion. 

The Content Promotion Bundle includes:

  • The absolute basics every single blogger should be doing every single time you post to maximize exposure.
  • How to optimize your social media promotion efforts so that every post reaches more of the right people.
  • The 5 advanced promotion techniques anyone can master — on any budget — to up their promotion game beyond the basics.
  • The 80/20 rule of content promotion and how to make it work with your schedule, whether you work 40 hours a week or 4 hours a week.
  • Lacy’s inexpensive, outsourced repurposing strategy that could triple your content exposure or more — easily and efficiently.
  • A revolutionary less-is-more approach to content and promotion that could allow you to produce less content but get more traffic than ever before!

Two teachers, 8 modules; 15+ lessons; more than 4 hours of workshops, interviews and trainings; plus swipe files and additional resources.

Quit Prospecting, Get Referrals

Value $497

Virginia Muzquiz

The Quit Prospecting / Get Referrals course is designed to help you get CLARITY about what you are creating, why you are creating it and most importantly FOR WHOM you are creating it!

And THAT is the foundation for turning your network into a referral generating machine (and, really, making ALL your marketing more effective)!

You see, when you have CLARITY about who you most want to do business with, it is easy for people to promote, connect and refer you. If you are not getting what you need from your network, getting clarity is likely your best next step.

Rock Your Podcast Interviews!

Value $97

Kathleen Gage

Success secrets to use the power of podcast interviews to get in front of 100,000 podcast listeners, book speaking engagements & sell lots of books WITHOUT hosting your own show OR spending any money on advertising!!!

  1. Bonus One Video: Discover how to get in front of 100,000 listeners and viewers in record time
  2. Bonus Two Video: Power hack for podcast show research
  3. Bonus Three Video: Discover how to sell lots of books through the power of podcast interviews
  4. Bonus Four PDF file: Podcast interview checklist

Appearing on well over 1,000 shows, on both sides of the mic, Kathleen Gage knows what hosts want.

As a leading visibility expert, Kathleen is recognized as someone who can show virtually any bona-fide expert how to amplify your market reach.

Easy Product Launch Planning

Value $37

From Cindy Bidar

Done-for-you procedures take the guesswork out of every launch. Just imagine what it would mean to your business if you could spy on the marketing operations of 6- and 7-figure online businesses and see exactly how you can...

  • Write compelling sales copy that connects with your readers and acts as a profit magnet.
  • Choose the perfect platforms and systems for product delivery so you can have stress-free launches every time.
  • Deliver flawless customer service to keep your buyers happily returning again and again.
  • Store your video, audio and other files securely, without making it more difficult for paying customers to gain access when they need them (and without making it harder on you!)
  • Entice JV partners to share your content with their audience, so your business grows at exponential rates and you both earn great profits.
  • Easily add sophisticated tracking systems to your sales funnels so you can scale quickly when the time is right.
  • Make the best use of your product delivery pages, so you can maximize your earnings every step of the way.
  • All these things and more are business as usual for anyone with a well-documented, tried-and-true procedures manual, but for the rest? There's probably room for improvement.

That's exactly what you'll get inside “Easy Product Launch Planning: Checklists & Templates to Make Every Launch a Breeze”